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Our “Walk The Talk” Webcast

You Walk, We Talk.

The ultimate “walk the talk” webcast where you do the walking, while we do the talking…

We’re encouraging those who would like to, to take us on the move! So many are experiencing “Zoom fatigue” at the moment, and we don’t want to be adding to the problem. We want to be helping you, encouraging you to get out in the fresh air, moving and learning – all at the same time.

So, if you’re up for it, join via your phone and take us for a walk around the block!

Join live webcasts or listen to them afterwards to learn more about the subjects that matter most to HR professionals and business leaders who want to optimise the mental health and wellbeing of their people in a time of constant change and disruption.

Up next on Walk The Talk

Episode Two

Episode two of our Walk The Talk webcast takes place on Wednesday 3 March at 9.30am.

We’ll be chatting to Gemma Bullivant FCIPD PCC, HR Coach, Mentor & Consultant about psychological safety and why it’s the foundation of high performing teams.

In episode one with Dr Megan she revealed that one of the areas that an organisation can help its people avoid burnout, is by providing a culture of psychological safety.

We’ll be discussing why it’s the foundation of the highest performing teams and ways to create a culture of psychological safety so that individuals and teams in the workplace thrive under all circumstances.

Listen to previous episodes here:

Burning Bright in 2021

In this first episode of Walk the Talk we chat with clinical psychologist Dr Megan Swanson about the rise of burnout during the pandemic. We look at stress, the stress cycle and why we get ill after a prolonged period of being in the stress state, before we discuss solutions to overcome stress and to avoid burnout.