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The ultimate “walk the talk” webcast where you do the walking, while we do the talking…

We’re encouraging those who would like to, to take us on the move! So many are experiencing “Zoom fatigue” at the moment, and we don’t want to be adding to the problem. We want to be helping you, encouraging you to get out in the fresh air, moving and learning – all at the same time.

So, if you’re up for it, join via your phone and take us for a walk around the block!

Join live webcasts or listen to them afterwards to learn more about the subjects that matter most to HR professionals and business leaders who want to optimise the mental health and wellbeing of their people in a time of constant change and disruption.

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Exploring the antidotes to languishing this winter

Episode Seven

Our next Walk The Talk webcast takes place on Wednesday 8th December at 10am.

Exploring the antidotes to languishing this winter

Join our next Walk The Talk Webcast to explore how we maintain flow and performance – the antidote to languishing – particularly as we enter the winter months, where research shows we are our least productive in the workplace.

Adam Grant, organisational psychologist, best-selling author and writer for The NY Times wrote an article describing languishing as the dominant emotion for 2021. He describes it as “the neglected middle child of mental health and says it can dull our motivation and focus”. It’s thought that between 30-50% of us are suffering from languishing this year.

We are delighted to welcome guests including Dr Kat Lederle – a sleep specialist helping busy professionals to sleep well, feel good and thrive – to the Walk The Talk. Dr Kat will be sharing her perspective and tips to help us optimise sleep and performance over the winter months.

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Why your employee wellbeing strategy is pivotal to your employer brand

In this Walk The Talk episode we speak to a panel of diverse speakers about the extent to which an organisation’s employer brand is impacted by its employee wellbeing strategy. Listen for insight and ideas of how to attract and retain the best people.


How to Remote/Hybrid Work Well…

In this Walk The Talk episode we chat to Adam Jones, CEO Venn Media about remote first working and how it can support better productivity and balance for employees. Listen to find out how.


This Time of Change

In this Walk The Talk episode we chat to Imogen Wall, Therapist + Mental Health First Aid Instructor about this time of change and how to equip people to manage and embrace the return to work – whether that’s in an office, remotely or a hybrid of the two.


Busting Stigma in the Workplace

In this Walk The Talk episode we chat to Dan Strachan, Crisis Recovery Service Coordinator at Richmond Borough Mind charity, where we discuss the stigma that surrounds stress, burnout and mental ill health in the workplace and ways to help bust stigma at an individual and organisational level.


Unpacking Psychological Safety

In the second Walk The Talk episode we welcome Gemma Bullivant, HR consultant and Executive Coach to chat about psychological safety and why it’s the foundation of the highest performing teams + individuals. We explore ways that organisations and individuals can create a culture of Psychological Safety in their organisations/teams and why it’s even more important than ever in the remote times that we’re working in.


Burning Bright in 2021

In this first episode of Walk the Talk we chat with clinical psychologist Dr Megan Swanson about the rise of burnout during the pandemic. We look at stress, the stress cycle and why we get ill after a prolonged period of being in the stress state, before we discuss solutions to overcome stress and to avoid burnout.


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