Julian Roberts Walks the Talk

Episode 4 – Lessons from Leaders with Julian Roberts

Next up in our Walk The Talk – Lessons from Leaders series, we talk with Julian Roberts, Executive Leadership Coach and Podcast Host of Helping Organisations Thrive with Julian Roberts, a top 1.5% global podcast!

As always, we encourage you to listen while you walk and we do the talking!

Julian Roberts is an Executive Leadership Coach with a background in commercial and sales. He describes himself as passionate about people, resiliency, and business. 

Before setting up his coaching practice in 2017, he held a number of senior strategic commercial positions for multinational corporations such as Heinz, Yoplait, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as for family-owned businesses.

In this conversation, we talk about culture, purpose and the importance of role-modelling, and how fundamental these are in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of people in today’s workplace. 

Julian shares some of the organisational challenges that are coming through in the conversations he’s having with leaders on his podcast and in the coaching sessions he’s having.

The greatest challenge of all, Julian believes, is uncertainty and how we build resilience to the overwhelming sense of uncertainty that exists in the world right now.

Julian shares some of his own wellbeing non-negotiables (one of which is cold water therapy!) and some of the other things that he does daily to help build his own resilience to stress…

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