About us

Our background

In 2018, Nicky, Siôn and Sarah founded POINT3 with a simple mission to help people in the workplace to “stress less and smile more”.

Six years later, Nicky and Sarah, are continuing the mission as two female founders while Siôn embarks on his new coaching career. While we will miss him, his legacy will live on in all that we do.

Nicky and Sarah have a collective 40 years working in the corporate world with businesses including BMW, Nike, Honda, British Airways and Lucozade.

As board directors – with roles including Talent Director and Marketing Director – Nicky and Sarah witnessed the pace and demands of business and life and subsequent stress levels, rise at a rapid rate.

This, along with their collective passion for health and wellbeing and for connecting people through live experiences, inspires them to to help people thrive at work and beyond.

About Nicky and Sarah

They have re-trained as workplace training specialists with a specific focus on managers, mental health and mindset – to help develop healthy and high performing individuals and teams.

Sarah Mayo POINT3 Wellbeing co-founder

Sarah Mayo, Co-Founder  + Trainer

For over 20 years Sarah worked in marketing and events. Prior to founding POINT3 Wellbeing she sat on the EMEA executive board of a global brand experience company, in the role of Marketing Director.

Sarah has retrained as a Mindset, Movement and Mindfulness trainer and Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She is an avid runner with numerous marathons and an ultra-marathon under her belt. Sarah is also a big advocate of walking for mental health and wellbeing, believing this every human’s untapped superpower!

As co-founder of POINT3 Wellbeing, Sarah regularly speaks at conferences and in the workplace about performance and wellbeing, and how to balance the pressures of work and life. She also hosts the POINT3 podcast “Walk The Talk” speaking with HR and People professionals about ways to help people stress less and smile more.

Nicky Morgan POINT3 Wellbeing co-founder

Nicky Morgan, Co-Founder + Trainer

Nicky spent 18 years in the corporate world in events and marketing. Her personal interest in culture, human behaviour and people management led her to the role of Head of People on the board of Omnicom marketing agency TRO.

Initially a ‘side project’ Nicky qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2012 with ICH London and has gained further qualifications in MBSR, CBT, Core Energy Coaching and mindfulness. She is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor with MHFA England.

As co-founder of POINT3 Wellbeing, Nicky combines her knowledge of the corporate world with her passion for positive psychology through the delivery of workshops, training programmes and team building experiences.

Our values

Our values are the things we hold most important to us. They define who we are as people and as a business, how we work with our clients and partners, and the type of people and organisations we hope to attract to work with us.

We are… Wholehearted

We put our heart and soul into everything we do.

We are… Brave

We lean into the discomfort of emotional and professional growth, helping ourselves and all those we come into contact with feel connected, seen and understood.

We are… Curious

We bring an open-mind, a belief in serendipity and a sense of curiosity to every situation.

We have… Integrity

The relationships we have with each other, our learners, partners and communities are anchored in honesty, trust and respect.

We have… Good Intentions

We believe in the ripple effects of good intentions – and endeavour to plant seeds of hope, empowerment and positive action wherever we can.

Our philosophy

Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today…

We believe in being better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today – knowing that some days just won’t go according to plan, and that’s okay!

One day at a time, little by little, we aim to help people manage better the stresses of modern day living.

Designed for the busy professional (by people who come from the corporate world), our products have been designed to help people achieve a sustainable approach to their wellbeing, through incremental gains. Wellbeing is an infinite process of learning and discovery.