Be More Mindful Workshop with Sky

What we do

Wellbeing in the (remote) workplace

We work with people and business to embed wellbeing into the workplace culture through experiences that motivate, educate and energise.

With a background in the corporate world we understand the pressures of finding balance between work and life first-hand, so we’ve developed a suite of products and services – ideal for the busy professional – that are backed in science and delivered with experience at the heart.


All our training and development has been adapted to be delivered online and is focused on developing mentally and emotionally resilient people:

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Wellbeing Programmes by POINT3 Wellbeing
Training, Development + Coaching by POINT3 Wellbeing
POINT3 Mindfulness

POINT3 Conferences, Meetings, Events
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Our approach

We have adapted the way we deliver our training to meet the needs of remote workers, and now have a series of wellbeing webinars to help teams connect and stay resilient through these challenging times.

Our sessions are interactive and immersive, and will help people to re-evaluate their approach to total wellbeing. We provide ideas and insight to help people be more aware of their wellbeing needs (and those of others), ensuring that the practice becomes a new way of life, that leads them to being happier, healthier and more productive.