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Employee Wellbeing in the (remote) workplace

We work with people and business to embed mental health and wellbeing into the workplace through employee wellbeing training experiences that motivate, educate and energise.

We are passionate about making an impact, so all our training and experiences aim to move people from awareness to action, so that there is legacy beyond the training itself.

With a background in the corporate world we understand the pressures of finding balance between work and life first-hand, so we’ve developed a suite of products and services – ideal for the busy professional – that are backed in science and delivered with experience at the heart.

You can browse our services below to find out more about what we offer, but what we’d really like is to speak to you!

We want to hear the challenges your face, and to learn what gaps you’re looking to fill, and we can then tailor and recommend the best corporate wellbeing services for you and your business. Get in touch to arrange a call!

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training in the Workplace

All our training and development has been adapted to be delivered online and is focused on developing mentally and emotionally resilient people:

Wellbeing Agency Services

Why not leave the heavy lifting of a wellbeing strategy and plan with us? Coming from the agency world, we are natural problem solvers, good communicators and able to act quickly and effectively on behalf of our clients and their audiences. All the benefits of being an extension of your team, along with insight and expertise in a subject that we are hugely passionate about. Our approach is flexible depending on your brief. Typically it would involve one, two and/or three of the following steps.


Mental Health in the Workplace

Wherever you are (as a business) with your strategy and plan for supporting the mental health of your people, then we are here to support you – with mental health training (first aid and awareness), with mind + body experiences and/or with our agency services.


Mindset Training

All of our Mindset Training is packed with theory, self-reflection exercises and practical tools designed to empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their wellbeing, as well as develop key emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation and resilience.


Manager Training

From Mental Health Awareness to Building Resilient and High Performing Teams, our manager training will provide your managers with a foundation of knowledge, confidence and tools to equip them to build trust amongst their team(s), manage challenging conversations and build resilience, so that they can perform to their highest potential as individuals and as a team.


Wellbeing Programmes

We have three programmes to choose from – choose length of time and topic depending on your business needs. All three programmes raise awareness and are designed to turn awareness into sustainable action for lasting results and performance.


Conferences, Meetings, Events

With a collective 45 years’ experience delivering events and experiences for some of the world’s leading brands – Nissan, Adidas, Nike, BMW, Honda, British Airways and Lucozade Sport to name but a few – we know the world of events and brand experience inside out. We are already supporting many agencies with their wellness-inspired campaigns, events and conferences. No brief is too big or too small.


Team Building + Social Events

“Get the team together” with these virtual 30 minute mindfulness + movement experiences designed to connect teams and build morale and motivation in the remote world.


Mindfulness Experiences

Mindfulness is shown to enhance performance, concentration and other cognitive functions, as well as reduce depression and anxiety. Choose from a number of our mindfulness experiences – more traditional or more relaxation based – depending on your needs.


Movement Experiences

Our workouts combine movement and mindfulness and have been scientifically designed to help reduce stress and re-engage focus. They are mostly non-sweat, so no need for lycra! And they are suitable for all ranges of ability.


Our approach

We have adapted the way we deliver our training to meet the needs of remote workers, and now have a series of wellbeing webinars to help teams connect and stay resilient through these challenging times.

Our sessions are interactive and immersive, and will help people to re-evaluate their approach to total wellbeing. We provide ideas and insight to help people be more aware of their wellbeing needs (and those of others), ensuring that the practice becomes a new way of life, that leads them to being happier, healthier and more productive.

We work with doctors, psychologists and scientists to ensure that all our content is approved and verified.