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Stress less and smile more

POINT3 Wellbeing is a company that provides a simple and sustainable approach to managing mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Our mission is to help people stress less and smile more.

Designed for both individuals and those with an interest in corporate wellbeing, POINT3 Wellbeing has been created to motivate, educate and energise people, so they are more focused and engaged, healthier and happier.

Movement and Mindfulness

Our range of products and services connect the three pillars of mind, body and soul through the principles of movement and mindfulness. The benefits include improved overall health and wellbeing, work life balance, relationships, focus, creativity and productivity.

Our product portfolio includes Training, Talks and Workshops, Workouts and Events. We also work with companies on a bespoke basis to design and deliver wellbeing programmes and experiences.

Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today

Ideal for the workplace and conferences, our interactive talks and workshops and mind + body workouts help people to re-evaluate their approach to total wellbeing. Created for the time poor, they have been designed to help people achieve a sustainable approach to their wellbeing through incremental gains.

We believe in being better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today – knowing that some days just won’t go according to plan. We provide people with ideas and insight to help them move more and be more mindful, ensuring that the practice becomes a new way of life rather than a new fad for the week or month.

One day at a time, little by little, we aim to help people manage better the stresses of modern day living.