Mental health & wellbeing training in the workplace

An employee wellbeing company that empowers people in the workplace to think, feel and behave to their fullest potential.

Our mission is to help people in the workplace to stress less and smile more. When people feel better at work and in life, the ripple effects will be felt far and wide.

Wellbeing Services

We work with our partners to address their business challenges helping their people to thrive, rather than simply survive at work.

Through bespoke services that offer insight and ideas to mental health and emotional intelligence training that delivers with impact, we are passionate about helping positively influence society at large.

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Proudly B Corp Certified

We are committed to positively impacting society at large, using business as a force for good in the world.

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Making an impact with POINT3 Wellbeing

We are committed and passionate about positively impacting people in the workplace – motivating, educating and engaging employees to be as balanced, resilient and productive as can be, regardless of inevitable change and disruption around them.

With stress, burnout and poor mental health on the rise, we deliver a series of workplace mental health and wellbeing training programmes and experiences to build people’s emotional intelligence, raise their individual and collective knowledge and awareness, leading to positive, sustainable behaviours, and more compassionate and resilient workforces.

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Our latest insights paper is now ready to download and digest.

The report includes the latest statistics and insight relating to wellbeing in the workplace along with the findings from our own survey conducted at the end of 2022. We hope this serves as a valuable source of insight and ideas to support you as you develop and deliver on your employee mental health and wellbeing objectives this year.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in incremental gains – being a little bit better today than yesterday and a little bit better tomorrow than today – knowing that some days just won’t go according to plan, and that’s okay!

Our training approach encourages people to take personal accountability for their wellbeing (and the wellbeing of those around them) through small behavioural changes. Little by little, day by day, we aim to help people better manage the stresses of modern day living and working.

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Our Values

Our values are the things we hold most important to us. They define who we are as people and as a business, how we work with our clients and partners, and the type of people and organisations we hope to attract to work with us.


We put our heart and soul into everything we do.


The relationships we have with each other, our clients and the communities around us are anchored in trust and respect.


We want all people to feel seen, heard and valued. When people feel comfortable being themselves, they truly feel belonging and can thrive.


We believe in the ripple effects of good vibes and bring these whenever and wherever we can.


We remain ever-curious and look about us with an open-mind, sense of adventure, and a belief in a little bit of “magic”.