Creating a culture of connection in a corporate world

Episode Ten – Walk The Talk

In this episode of we dive into the importance of human connection in the corporate world. We look at why this it is so critical in today’s world and ways it can be weaved into an organisation’s culture for lasting positive impact. 

We are delighted to be joined by Matt Vickers for this conversation. Matt is a practising Integrative Psychotherapist and a Corporate Mental Health specialist – recently leaving BP where he played a pioneering role in driving a culture of wellbeing.

Two pieces of useful insight and ideas shared include:

1: In order to create a positive cultural shift within an organisation it takes just 13.5% of the population to be onboard and behind the movement. Less than you might think.

2: There are plenty of small, simple and cost effective ways that you can can generate a wellbeing and mental health conversation within an organisation. The key is to have a regular drumbeat of communication, to breakthrough stigma and normalise the conversation.