Mental Health and Me

Episode 12 – Walk The Talk

In this episode of Walk The Talk we chatted to our very own Nicky Morgan (one of the POINT3 co-founders) along with friend of POINT3 Victoria Kenny

In this episode they both candidly and generously share their mental health stories – and in particular the role that the workplace had to play in supporting them.

We discuss the role that everyone can play in making people feel safe and supported in the workplace. Listen for tips on how we can all do our bit within our own circles of influence to help break down the stigma, normalise the conversation around mental health and encourage a supportive, safe environment for everyone to be themselves.

Why listen? The best way to learn and develop our empathy around mental health and wellbeing is to hear from those who have their own experiences to share. This is a poignant insight into the lives of two people who are both inspiring and successful.

One message we want to convey through this talk and through all that we do at POINT3 Wellbeing, is that we all have mental health and at any point in our lives, our mental health can be in a good place and then in a not so good place, in the same way as our physical health. The more we can do to educate ourselves and each other, the more likely we are to be able to move forward in as positive a way as possible.

This is a thought-provoking conversation which at times is emotional, so don’t underestimate the impact it might have on you. Take care of yourself and each other.