Luke Tobin Walks the Talk

Episode 1 – Lessons from Leaders with Luke Tobin

In the first in our new series of Walk The Talk – Lessons from Leaders, we talk with Luke Tobin.

As always, we encourage you to listen while you walk and we do the talking!

Luke, amongst many other things, is the Founder and CEO of Digital Ethos (a fellow B Corp) who we partner with. He is also the Co-CEO of Cadastra EMEA, Founder of Tobin Capital, he’s an investor, business advisor and mentor and he was named Great British Entrepreneur of The Year in 2020.

In this conversation we speak about culture, burnout, attracting and retaining staff and much more including, what it means to be a B Corp, one that recognises the importance of a supportive workplace culture to ensure your people thrive. 

Listen/watch to our conversation with Luke here:

Luke generously shares some of the strategies, systems and benefits that they have in place at Digital Ethos to support their people, so that they feel heard and are given the flexibility and most importantly the trust, to do their job.

What comes through this conversation is how important leadership is in terms of leading by example and modelling the behaviours that you want to see in your people. 

We hope you feel as inspired as we do by this conversation and if you’d like to feature on the Lessons from Leaders series of our Walk The Talk, drop us a line via

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