Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness Training delivered by POINT3.

Half Day Awareness Training Course

We are trained to deliver MHFA England training to individuals / businesses.

As an extension of our offering, we have created a half day (3.5 hours) Mental Health Awareness training module aimed specifically for those within the workplace. 

This training is ideal for any person in the workplace wishing to gain a greater knowledge, understanding and awareness of mental health. It is especially recommended for business leaders, people managers and/or those who come into frequent contact with other team members.

Course Overview

This introductory session raises awareness of mental health. Your employees will gain:

  • An understanding of what mental health is.
  • An opportunity to explore + discuss stigma surrounding mental health.
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health conditions.
  • Greater awareness of their own mental wellbeing and tools to support optimal wellbeing.
  • Confidence and practical tools to offer support to others who may be experiencing a mental health issue.


  • Half day / 3.5 hour face to face course.
  • Learning takes place through a blend of theory, group discussions and workshop activities.
  • There is plenty of opportunity for discussion and practical tools to ensure learning can be taken back into the workplace.
  • We limit numbers to 30 people per course for safe-guarding and optimal learning conditions.

Trigger warning: In this training we will be covering topics including anxiety, depression and suicide and always recommend individuals prioritise their own mental wellbeing before, during and after the training. 

Further Information 

For further information, prices and to book your training please contact a member of the POINT3 team /