How to Remote/Hybrid Work Well…

Episode Five – Walk The Talk

Listen to our conversation with Adam Jones, CEO Venn Media where we discuss how to hybrid and remote work well.

This time of change is an opportunity for organisations to reimagine their workplace… culturally, as well as practically, so that it’s one that is as high performing as it can be, and meets the needs of both the organisation and its people.

On the back of the launch of Remote-First, an online community of remote first leaders, Adam shared his perspective on the remote first workplace, what it means, how it works and how to create a positive, thriving remote first workplace culture that supports the mental health and wellbeing of people…

Listen to hear us discuss the challenges and opportunities that remote first working presents an organisation and its people, how to maintain culture and collaboration, how to help employees find that elusive work-life balance and other ways to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of people in a remote working model is prioritised as much as possible.

This is a fascinating conversation whether you are considering a hybrid/remote working model of working or not. There’s lots in here for leaders and HR professionals interested in the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

And if you are interested in learning more about our Mental Health Awareness Training  – this page details more about how we support businesses when it comes to safeguarding employees from a mental health perspective.

We’ve also created a special How to Hybrid Well(being) Series of mindset talks to help raise individual and collective awareness amongst employees during this time of change, so that they have the tools to help themselves and each other, so they can perform to their best regardless of the circumstances.