Nick Pritchard Walks the Talk

Episode 8 – Lessons from Leaders with Nick Pritchard | Let’s Talk About Culture

Next up in our Walk The Talk – Lessons from Leaders series, we talk with Nick Pritchard, People & Resourcing Manager from Cadence Innova.

Culture is the area that Nick feels is most important for businesses right now. Particularly, the importance of social connection and the value of being together in person at work, to support the mental health of all of us better.

We discuss how culture and ways of working have changed over the last 3 to 5 years and how the world of remote working can have a detrimental impact on levels of loneliness.

In this conversation Nick generously shares some background about his own mental health journey and how this inspires him to support the mental health and wellbeing of all those that work at Cadence Innova.

Nick shares the initiatives and structures that they have in place at Cadence Innova from their families of peers who support each other in place of traditional managers and reportees, through to the office anchor days and social activities they have introduced to create connection.

We talk about the different cohorts of people that need particular support – from the younger generations through to those who are juggling the demands of work with the demands of parenting, through to those going through peri/menopause.

Nick reminds us we are human beings not human doings… and how the pandemic has provided us with a window (through Teams or Zoom) into people’s home lives, giving us a more holistic view of the people we work with – helping us to be more empathetic and understanding of everyone’s different worlds, perspectives and struggles. 

Listen for ideas on how to build engagement in your people through trust, the power of listening, vulnerability and peer to peer support.

We hope you find the conversation valuable. If so, please share with someone you think might be interested.

As always, we encourage you to listen while you walk and we do the talking.

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Be kind, be curious, be well.