John Argent Walks the Talk

Episode 5 – Lessons from Leaders with John Argent

Next up in our Walk The Talk – Lessons from Leaders series, we talk with John Argent, CEO Six – a creative marketing agency.

As always, we encourage you to listen while you walk and we do the talking!

In this conversation, John reveals that change is the biggest disrupter that he is seeing right now and he talks through how they have learnt to adapt to change, the strategies and ways they work to ensure they continue to grow amidst change, doing great work for their people and clients alike.

The agency, like many other businesses, has seen considerable change in recent years due to the pandemic but also due to the nature of how the creative industry has evolved and diversified – with advancements in technology and digital.

For himself as the founder of the business, John has also seen considerable change as the agency has grown from 10 people in the early days to now being 50 strong. 

John describes their business as human-centric and this comes through in how he talks about the focus they put on the people that work within the business. 

John attributes the culture to the people that work within the business. They are encouraged to co-create solutions for their needs based on what’s relevant and meaningful to the people that work there.

We discussed flexibility and what this looks like for them as an agency. Rather than mandating a certain amount of days in the office, he wants his people to want to come into the office. They’re treated like adults, and they have created an environment that supports this thinking.

Initiatives such as their weekly Talkie Tuesday and monthly (in person) Connection Day encourage psychological safety, human connection and enjoyment.

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