Unpacking Psychological Safety

Episode Two – Walk The Talk

Listen to our webcast with Executive Coach and HR consultant, Gemma Bullivant FCIPD PCC where we unpack psychological safety, why it’s so important in the remote world of work at the moment, why it’s the core ingredient to high performing individuals and teams and ways to promote a culture of psychological safety in the workplace.

As discussed in episode one employee burnout is on the rise… so we need to look at ways we can reduce this in the workplace… and one of the first things an employer can do is promote a culture of psychological safety… as this encourages people to talk openly and to ask for help where needed.

And it’s arguably even more important to discuss this today… as it is more difficult than ever to create a culture of psychological safety due to the remote nature of how we are working. It requires more trust and engagement than ever before… so the more awareness and consideration we can apply to how we are approaching our conversations and managing our teams at the moment with the principles of psychological safety, the more engaged employees will be, leading to higher performing teams.

Check out our dedicated page about our Building Resilient and High Performing Teams manager training which covers psychological safety.

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