Training for Managers

Our research shows that 1 in 2 managers are experiencing burnout and 1 in 2 employees do not feel comfortable talking to their manager if they are experiencing stress.

At POINT3 Wellbeing, we firmly believe that supporting your managers with the proper knowledge, awareness, and tools to become human-centred leaders is pivotal for creating a thriving, productive workplace. Our specialised training for managers is designed to equip your team with the skills and expertise to become effective leaders within your workplace – so they can confidently lead their teams to their fullest potential.

Our Manager and Leader Training Solutions

We have three proprietary training experiences for managers and leaders looking to optimise the performance of their teams:

  • Raise Your Human Game (Two-Day Training)
    Unlock the full potential of your managers and leaders by developing their emotional intelligence, so you can build a workplace community filled with human-centred managers. 
  • Building Resilient & High-Performing Teams (Half-Day Training)
    Equip your leaders and managers with the skills to foster trust, resilience, and optimum team performance. 
  • Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers (Half-Day Training)
    Gain the expertise and practical tools to support mental health awareness and wellbeing within your workplace in our training, specifically tailored for managers. 

Interested in our manager training courses? Take a look at our Case Study!

Raise Your Human Game (Two-Day Training)

With the right knowledge, awareness, understanding and tools, we all have the potential to choose the type of manager and leader that we want to be. 

And the key to unlocking the highest potential – in ourselves and others – is by raising our emotional intelligence

Or how we like to say it, to unleash our human manager.

‘Raise Your Human Game’ is our unique two-day training course, designed to unlock the potential of your managers and leaders by enhancing their emotional intelligence and understanding. 

This training has three key objectives: 

  • Connect with self – give managers the space for reflection, rethinking, and self-compassion.
  • Connect with philosophies, theories, tools, and techniques – allow managers to understand the concept of the “Human Leader” and how human leaders can create healthy and high-performing teams through the power of connection.
  • Connect with others – give managers the space to create human connections and leave the training “thriving” – equipped with the awareness, tools, and techniques to create a high-performance team culture. 


Watch our Launch Webinar

Further information:

You can also watch the shortened 15-minute version here, which shares an overview of what’s included in our ‘Raise Your Human Game’ training.

Building Resilient & High-Performing Teams (Half-Day Training)

Our training for leaders and managers is designed to foster team trust, resilience, and peak performance. This programme has three core learning objectives:

  1. Unpack and understand the three core ingredients of the highest performing teams – shining a spotlight on “psychological safety” as a central component of this.
  2. Build confidence in creating the optimum conditions for healthy, supportive conversations – this includes a practical case study to put theory into practice.
  3. Explore the concept of “resilience” and equip managers with practical tools to build resilience as individuals – and teams – day-to-day.

We recommend that groups, wherever possible, are comprised of peer-level participants to help create optimum group safety and sharing potential. In addition to this training, we recommend supplementing it with a group coaching session three months later, to support and embed the learning gained. Get in touch with our team for further details.

Classroom Testimonials:

Great content, well delivered. Really nice balance of sharing content, asking for group input and break out sessions. All really useful, relevant and practical for everyday use both in work and out. THANK YOU!!!!

Really useful session to ensure we’re all raising our ‘human game’. It’s not just about the business’ success but how we get there together and help everyone BE a success.

Great session and lost nothing being virtual as opposed to face to face. Very engaging, great pace / content and good use of breakout. Will be building this structure into my own virtual meetings. Thanks Sarah & Nicky.

Really great to see the training come to life and the engagement of the attendees. Good balance of learning – thank you.

Thanks! Really great training and I feel set up to deal with varied situations now!

Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers (Half-Day Training)

Our mental health awareness training for managers is tailored for individuals and teams looking to increase knowledge, awareness, and response + recovery techniques to support mental ill health, within the workplace (and beyond).

Our trainers are certified to deliver Mental Health First Aid England training to individuals and businesses. As an extension of our services, we offer a half-day (4 hours) Mental Health Awareness training module aimed specifically at managers. 

This training session covers:

  • An understanding of what mental health is.
  • An opportunity to explore + discuss the stigma of mental health in and beyond the workplace.
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health conditions.
  • Greater awareness of an individual’s mental wellbeing and tools to support optimal wellbeing.
  • Confidence and practical tools to offer support to team members who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

Managers and leaders will leave this session with greater knowledge, understanding, and awareness of mental health in the workplace. They will also have the confidence to engage in challenging conversations with their team members.

Classroom testimonials:

Really clear messaging, helped to simplify complex topics without over simplifying.

Extremely informative-great guidance-lots of tips that will help me recognize and respond to mental health issues. Will help me on the job and also in my personal life-THANK YOU.

Many thanks Sarah and Nicky, really useful session very well executed. Thank you for the reading and listening materials.

Thank you so much for an excellent presentation yesterday.  I truly learned so much. 

I just wanted to thank you again for the training. It was not only helpful and informative, but also really sensitively handled.

Why Invest in Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers?

An organisation’s strength often hinges on the strength and quality of its managers.  Yet, too few managers are given the training to help them manage their people to their fullest potential. 

We firmly believe that equipping your managers with the proper knowledge, awareness, and tools to become human-centred leaders, is the key to creating a thriving workplace community. 

By investing in your mental health training for your managers, you can: 

☑️ Enhance Employee Wellbeing
Well-trained managers can use their expertise to create a positive and supportive work environment that enhances the wellbeing of their team members.

☑️ Improve Team Performance
Our training programmes empower managers to optimise team performance by building trust, resilience, and psychological safety.

☑️ Support Mental Health
Equip managers with the knowledge and confidence to identify and address mental health challenges within their teams. 

Get in touch with our expert trainers today to find out how you can enhance your managerial impact.