Manager Training Case Study

Making an impact with CPM

We were tasked by the Learning & Development Team at The CPM Group of Omnicom agencies to develop some bespoke training for their board, senior leadership and people managers.

The objective of the training was to build on training to-date, specifically focused on providing a foundation of knowledge, confidence and tools to equip the senior team to build team trust and resilience, and manage challenging conversations and situations that may present within the workplace and beyond.

After a successful pilot training session was trialled with a group of managers, the half-day training was rolled out to over 80 managers, SLT and board members, across 8 sessions in early 2021.

Called Building Resilient and High Performing Teams, the training is designed for leaders and managers looking to support the development of team trust, resilience and optimum performance.

Covering key areas of emotional intelligence, the training addresses three key learning objectives:

  • Understanding the three core ingredients of the highest performing teams – shining a spotlight on psychological safety as a central component of this.
  • Building manager confidence in creating the optimum conditions for healthy, supportive conversations – shining a spotlight on mental health and remote working.
  • Exploring the concept of resilience and equipping managers with practical tools to build resilience as individuals and as team managers, day-to-day.

Impact from the training:

  • 95% said they felt better equipped as a manager to support the mental and emotional needs of their team.
  • 90% said they felt better supported and set up for success in their role as a manager.
  • 88% rated the value of the training for them as a manager at an 8 or above/10, with 32% of the cohort rating it 10/10.

Classroom testimonials:

This was the first structured training I have completed in a few years. Content was relevant and timely. Plenty I can take away from the session, and the session itself was a good balance of theory and breakouts.

The training is fantastic, I just hope I am able to successfully implement the techniques and skills I have learned today.

Excellent training – really engaging with practical tips that can be easily transferred into day to days activity.

Very engaging session and well structured. I have reams of notes and key things I can instantly apply so thank you 🙂 

Great session and lost nothing being virtual as opposed to face to face. Very engaging, great pace / content and good use of breakout. Will be building this structure into my own virtual meetings.

Really great to see the training come to life and the engagement of the attendees. Good balance of learning – thank you.

Great session, enjoyable and educational. The pace and content was on point. Thank you.

It was great to have 4 hours for personnel development and not think about work and your to-do list. The sessions were laid out well with the right amount of time taken for each break out session.

Can this be made mandatory for all managers? I can think of many that would benefit from this – including my own managers!

Great content, well delivered. Really nice balance of sharing content, asking for group input and break out sessions. All really useful, relevant and practical for everyday use both in work and out. THANK YOU!!!!

If we can help you and your managers with manager training, please do get in touch.