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Money Matters

Life’s Riches by Nicky Morgan Starting a new business – for the first time – brings with it many new experiences; coming up with a name for the business, registering the business, selling your first product (the joy!) and (almost certainly at first), not taking a monthly salary. In early 2018, my two colleagues and

Burn Brightly

Managing our energy, and our performance by Sion Stansfield How do we achieve amazing performance more often than not? The right balance of energy will allow us to think, feel and act at our best, maximising our performance in life. Understanding how we make that energy and how we burn it – having this awareness

Goal Setting in Edinburgh

Katharine Millar, HR Manager Delta Energy and Environment said: “POINT3 Wellbeing recently delivered a thought-provoking goal setting workshop which was timed to coincide with our end of year performance reviews. “It gave staff the permission to think about their lives beyond work and to set some meaningful goals for the year ahead that would make

Relax, just do it

National Relaxation Day is marked every year on August 15th – a day to highlight the need to focus more on taking care of ourselves, by giving ourselves permission to slow down, unwind and recover from the everyday stresses of life as we know it these days.  Why we need to relax more… We know

POINT3 Dental Partners Keynote

Wellbeing for Dentists

Amanda Morris-Steele, Managing Director, Just Watch Events Ltd said: “We advised our client to open their inaugural conference with a wellbeing session from POINT3, although this was different from the usual expectancy of a business update, the delegates had a great start to the day! The session from Sion and Sarah allowed everyone to begin

Crescendo POINT3 Workshop

Community Matters for Crescendo

Russell Allen​, Founder, Crescendo Brand Events said: “I found the content absolutely stimulating and bang on where we are right now as a business. For someone who finds it difficult to keep rooted in a meeting room for any length of time I was totally captivated by the graceful way you navigated such stimulating and

Sarah Mayo at the AEO Forums

It all points to wellbeing

Sarah Mayo, co-founder of POINT3 Wellbeing speaks to Exhibition News about wellbeing in the exhibitions industry… “The exhibitions industry is no doubt a special one; bringing people together whether in a work or lifestyle capacity. The live environment offers a truly unique opportunity for people to meet, learn and be inspired as well as build

POINT3 at Lonely Planet during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness at Lonely Planet

LUCY MINIHAN, HR EMEA, LONELY PLANET SAID: “POINT3 delivered a really engaging talk to our staff during Mental Health Awareness Week. We took time to self-reflect on our personal wellbeing needs, and learned some practical tools to help manage the effects of day-to-day stress better. Thank you, we’d love to work with POINT3 again!” If

Meaningful Tech Connections interview with Anna Kotwinski, Shine Offline

Meaningful Tech Connections – By Anna Kotwinski

How to create a positive relationship with ourselves and our technology We’re delighted to interview Anna Kotwinski, co-founder of Shine Offline in our expert interview this month, about establishing Meaningful Tech Connections. Shine Offline are a digital wellbeing consultancy that helps businesses support their staff to have healthy, effective relationships with their smartphones and other


When movement interrupts mindfulness. How to move more pain free with Kieran Lowe We recently caught up with Kieran Lowe, an osteopath and sports rehabilitator to discuss when movement interrupts mindfulness. Kieran has been working within healthcare for over 14 years supporting elite and amateur level athletes in the UK and abroad. More recently Kieran

Thrive not Survive

WANT, BELIEVE, THRIVE by Sarah Mayo As I sit here with the task of writing a blog on stepping out of your comfort zone, I’m inspired by the words of Napoleon Hill who said “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Just writing and reading these words gives me that

Meaningful Connections

Community Matters by Nicky Morgan Whenever I come to write a blog there’s always a funny circumstance that occurs which helps to get my story started. Today it’s been WIFI, or as it turns out, a lack of WIFI. Today I’ve been working from home – something I tend to do a couple of times

Meaningful Tech Connections

Meaningful Tech Connections – Part 1

Are we empowered or enslaved by technology? by Sion Stansfield In this blog I could have focused on the wider conversation around digital wellbeing; the stats that tell of our addiction to our devices, the fact we are more connected but seemingly more lonely, than ever before. With so much already out there I wanted

More More Naturally – Part 1

Stand up and take notice by Sarah Mayo Sit up… in fact, stand up and take notice… we’re told it’s dangerous to sit for six or more hours a day, yet everything about our lives is designed and tailored to encourage us to be sedentary for really long periods of time… whether it’s our largely

Wakey Wakey

Productivity by Nicky Morgan So here’s an irony. I am writing this blog post on “productivity” at 3.15pm on a Friday afternoon – the week after I got back from a week’s holiday. My productivity levels this week, safe to say, have been a little all over the place. But with a commitment to share

POINT3 Wellbeing Testimonial

Care for the carers

NATALIA PHILLIPS, RICHMOND BOROUGH MIND CHARITY SAID: “We are extremely thankful to POINT3 for the talk they recently delivered to our carers. The feedback I got from the carers and staff in attendance was very positive. The talk was insightful and as some carers stated, reminded them to look after themselves, while highlighting the importance

Every Breath Counts by Nicky Morgan

Move More Mindfully for Mind, Body, Soul – Part 2

Every Breath Counts by Nicky Morgan “Mindfulness” as a practice came onto my radar in the mid-noughties. My mum cut an article out of a magazine for me to read – (so safe to say this “mindfulness” thing was going mainstream) – as she thought it could be helpful for me. Mindfulness was apparently a

POINT3 Wellbeing at John Lewis


LEXI FINNIGAN, PARTNER & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, JOHN LEWIS & PARTNERS SAID: “What an amazing introduction into wellbeing from the team at POINT3. It was a brilliant mix of useful information and practical tips to help us help ourselves to be the best we can be. Would highly recommend.” To find out more about our wellbeing

Every Step Counts by Sarah Mayo

Move More Mindfully for Mind, Body, Soul – Part 1

Every Step Counts by Sarah Mayo I’ve long been interested in “exercise”, but that’s what I would now call “formal” exercise… My interest in exercise is now more about movement, specifically, regular movement, as opposed to formal exercise per se… and I’m a huge advocate of “free” movement as much as possible… there’s so much

Wellbeing out of the shadows, into Digital Shadows

Sophie Burke, HR Business Partner, Digital Shadows said: “POINT3 recently supported our Employee Appreciation Day with their STRETCH+CHILL workout. It was an invigorating way to kick-start the day with a deep stretch of the body followed by deep relaxation for the mind with the chill element. This is the second time POINT3 has been into

The Power of Sleep with Risa Gabrielle


Wake up to the power of sleep and rest with Risa Gabrielle We recently had the pleasure of chatting to Risa Gabrielle, a sleep therapist, to discuss sleep and its impact on our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Risa is also a yoga teacher and transformational coach. Her passion is empowering people to