The Power of Three

POINT3 Turns Three!

Three Year Reflections by Nicky, Siôn and Sarah

This month we became three years old! Back in June 2018 we officially started trading as POINT3 Wellbeing delivering our first workshop to a group of artificial intelligence engineers, and it’s been a steep learning curve ever since!

Why three is a special number… 

1/ we are three co-founders with a mission to help as many people as possible to “stress less and smile more”

2/ we believe in taking a holistic approach to wellbeing – knowing how interconnected our mental, physical and emotional health is for our overall wellbeing in life

3/ and in numerology, the number 3 represents the principle of growth, as well as joy and happiness, which is very much at the heart of what we look to inspire in ourselves and others.

So, indulge us, as we each reflect on the past three years and what it means to us. And please head to the final paragraph to read about our three year birthday challenge on Friday 18 June and how to get involved!!

The Power of Three… What it means to me by Nicky Morgan

They say that the triangle – with its 3 sides – is the strongest shape. This was partly the inspiration for our business branding, and absolutely at the heart of my courage to take my final step towards the giant leap of faith that was – (and still is!) – growing POINT3.

Simply put – I wouldn’t be on this journey without Sarah and Siôn. As well as my fellow founders, they are amongst my best friends and some of the most inspirational people I have ever met. When one of us is feeling down, lacking motivation or in need of support – the other two are there. That for me is the true power of 3 – the strength to keep the “shape”; strong and supportive, agile, able and willing – as we weather all that life has to throw at us. 

In line with other 3 year olds out there – we’re experimenting, we’re learning, we’re growing – and on our birthday I look forward to taking some time to play hard and truly celebrate the joy of 3!

Thanks team and happy birthday : ) 

The Power of Three… What it means to me by Siôn Stansfield

What a journey, POINT3 at three, when setting out in early 2018 I had such a different vision for what we would become, however, I couldn’t be happier with what we have become. 

I love the work we do, I love the people I work with and I love helping others to stress less and smile more. I’ve learned that we can achieve so much more than I had first thought possible. I’ve learned to open my mind to opportunities and to relish in feedback. 

This has truly been a journey of discovery for myself, and whilst it’s not all been easy, I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Here’s to getting to carry on this journey for the next three years, and many more beyond it.

The Power of Three… What it means to me by Sarah Mayo

As we are called POINT3… and because I like structure and a framework to work towards… I’m going to summarise my three year reflections in 3 points!

1. “Every day’s a school day” – we are frequently heard to say this! And it’s true, I have learnt so much over the last 3 years and I’m grateful to say that I continue to learn, and more importantly I’m open to learning. Open-mindedness is one of my values – not that I find it easy or natural, in fact, it’s the opposite… I have to consciously work towards being more open-minded everyday.

2. Picking up on that word ‘conscious’ – if I reflect back on my life, so much of it I feel I’ve been on autopilot – in the passenger seat if you like… rather than in the driving seat. Now, by bringing a bit more intentionality into everyday life and the choices I make day-to-day, I feel much more in control of a life that can often feel like it’s controlling me.

3. And that leads nicely on to my final point which is around purpose. I truly believe I’ve found my purpose and passion in POINT3 and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m so lucky to spend each day working with Nicky and Siôn – learning from them, growing with them and hopefully, inspiring others with them along the way!

Our 3 year birthday challenge!

And to celebrate our three years… we will be taking part in a three hour dance-a thon on Friday 18th June, from 3pm until 6pm!

Given the number three signifies joy and happiness, we hope to spread a bit of this through this “challenge”! Since the first lockdown last year, we introduced a team “dance it out” for 3 minutes in our team meetings… It breaks things up a bit, gets us moving and more importantly gets us smiling! 

So, we’d love as many people to join us for 3 minutes, 30 minutes or the full 3 hours if you’re up for it… the rule is that at least 3 people need to be dancing at the same time, so please come and join us to give us a loo break at the very least!!

As it’s a challenge, we’re also going to be raising money for Bristol-based Above and Beyond charity – who fundraise for Bristol city centre hospitals. We are dancing for Tony who we recently lost; this is a charity that Tony supported whole-heartedly. If you would like to sponsor a song (we need a playlist after all!), dance with us or simply donate to this important cause, get involved here… POINT3 will match whatever is raised.