My 2020 Vision by Siôn Stansfield

For me, my goals keep me calm; they give me the focus that I need to have clarity on the decisions I make. I like to feel like I’m achieving, and that often comes down to giving each task that I’m working on a greater sense of purpose, and therefore motivating me further to achieve it.

I like to use goals to frame my mindset for that period in my life. I really do struggle mentally and emotionally if I don’t know want I’m working towards.

For me I always struggled with ‘why’ I would simply get up and go for a run/swim / bike / work those extra hours on the business unless I had real clarity on why it was important to me.

Now, as we well know, we can’t always go go go, and so by making a conscious decision at the start of December that my goal for the next month would be to start the new year as relaxed, refreshed and energised as possible. This meant taking the foot off the accelerator on the things that I’ve put much of my energy into over the year, the business and the physical training, and instead embracing the lightness and fun of recharging the batteries.

I could do this because this was part of my bigger goal for greater self development and improvement over 2020. My 2020 Vision as I like to call it.

I’ve always believed you only have enough energy to commit to three things really well, so my goals are all very clearly mapped out (both on paper and in my head) across three areas:

  • Work – POINT3 and what this becomes in 2020
  • Fitness – of both mind and body, taking learning from 2019, bringing these into 2020 to make myself an even more rounded individual and athlete
  • Relationships – building even stronger bonds with my family, friends and of course, my P3 crew.

These are of course, my overarching goals, and for me I then move into the details of how I will achieve each one. I love making the plan, month by the month down to day by day. Knowing each step forwards (or sometimes back) is all part of moving me towards where I personally want to go.

Here’s to hitting that 2020 Vision, but to doing it with the flexibility of thought and awareness of the mind.