My 2020 Vision by Sarah Mayo

Happy new year/decade! And welcome to the twenties, a decade with a name, joy! 

I like this time of year. Not because of the weather, or the post-festive fatigue; I like this time of year because it’s an opportunity to get back into my routines.

Routines are important for me. As much as they might sound mundane or worthy, routines give structure to a life that can otherwise feel overwhelming or in control of me.

You’re likely fed up with all the talk of goals and resolutions. Often too much focus is placed on setting long term goals at this time of year, which more often than not don’t get achieved. And there’s much research to show that it’s the small daily routines that help you achieve what you want, not the BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) themselves. 

Personally, I do like a tangible goal to work towards during the course of a year, as well as a daily routine of little things that give me focus and keep me grounded day-to-day.

But of course we’re all different, as is evident by reading the three goal blogs by the POINT3 founders. The word “goal” or the idea of resolutions can be polarising for people. At our first workshop of the year I asked the question “who has set a new year’s resolution?” to which 50% of the audience put their hand up. 

Why do you think that is? Perhaps it’s because there’s a tendency for unrealistic expectations that when we don’t achieve them, lead to disappointment, rather than joy. And thinking of joy, perhaps it’s because we set goals that really don’t feed our sense of joy in the first place. So, think about your values and what brings you joy in life, and then think about what little routines are going to help you support these.

Two of my daily routines are to move as much as I can throughout the day by walking lots and running a little, and to finish each day with gratitude focusing on what I appreciate about my life.

These are small daily actions that apply to me and my goals. So, if you usually set annual goals or new year’s resolutions why not think about what small daily changes you can make. Keep them simple and achievable, build daily habits and your long term goals will be a lot more achievable. 

And whether you do or you don’t have a 2020 vision, goal, dream [delete as appropriate], as we once again enter a decade known as the twenties, I’m going to leave you with some words that my grandmother wrote in her journal nearly a hundred years ago in 1929… 

Make the best of everything, Think the best of everyone, Hope the best for yourself.

Timeless, don’t you think? I hope these are words that can inspire you to live a full and happy life in 2020 and throughout these twenties! Good luck!