My 2020 Vision by Nicky Morgan

Goals. I’m going to say it, I don’t really like the word. 

Goals make me think of something big, brash, looming, intimidating… tantalising and always slightly out of reach. I don’t know when it happened, but my mind links the word “goal” with pressure, pain and struggle.

If I set a “goal” and I don’t achieve it – I feel rubbish… which isn’t very sporting of me, but it’s the truth.

This, of course is my very, very personal perspective. But it raises the point that even the language we use to help us head towards our dreams can be terrifically important.

Dreams, as you can see, is my word of choice. Dreams are the things that I wish to achieve – they’re real, tangible things but the way I view and approach them is softer, fuzzier, kinder.

If I don’t achieve a dream in a certain timeframe or within certain goalposts then that’s OK. A dream to me is intrinsic and eternal – and that means it’s something I can continue to shoot for indefinitely.

I once dreamed of running a marathon after watching my dad run several as a kid. And that dream came true in 2014.

I dreamed of setting up a business – and that dream is still coming true.

Last year – after way too many months of an over-active, anxious mind – I dreamed of peace of mind more often than not (and not setting myself a goal was one very conscious step towards this!). 

As I move into 2020 I’m really keen for last year’s dream to roll forward – until that particular dream no longer is a dream and instead becomes my reality. This dream I believe will continue to drive the choices I make – about how I look after my body + mind, who I spend my time with, the work that I do and the experiences that I have.

Whether it’s goals, dreams or none of the above that keeps you motivated to achieve your truest heart’s desires, the language that we use – and the stories that we tell ourselves – can play a central role in how these roll out.

For me, it’s going to be a dreaming kind of year – and I’m with Joseph and that technicolour dreamcoat of his – “any dream will do”…