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The Power of Sleep with Risa Gabrielle


Wake up to the power of sleep and rest with Risa Gabrielle We recently had the pleasure of chatting to Risa Gabrielle, a sleep therapist, to discuss sleep and its impact on our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Risa is also a yoga teacher and transformational coach. Her passion is empowering people to

Sleep... My prescription of choice

Sleep for Mind, Body, Soul – Part 1

MY PRESCRIPTION OF CHOICE… By Nicky Morgan I was so excited when I discovered that scientists had discovered a ground-breaking elixir that: Makes you live longer. Enhances your memory. Makes you more creative. Makes you look more attractive. Helps to keep weight under control and reduces food cravings. Protects you from cancer and dementia. Lowers your risk of

POINT3 Wellbeing at Sky, Project Wellness

Supporting Sky’s Project Wellness

Anna Carnegie, Health & Fitness Manager, Sky said: “The POINT3 team have supported Sky now with a workshop, workout and work-in. The Mind Massage work-in was part of our Project Wellness series which takes place in the beautiful Sky Cinema space once a month. And we hosted the HIIT+CHILL workout in the gym space one

Megan Swanson - Just Breathe Counselling - talking about motivation


WHERE THERE’S A WILL (+ A WHY) THERE’S A WAY WITH MEGAN SWANSON We recently met with Dr. Megan Swanson from Just Breathe Counselling, a doctor in clinical and sports psychology to discuss motivation and how it connects the mind, body and soul. Megan is also trained in positive psychology, mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Sion Stansfield Motivation Moves Me


MY MOTIVATION MOVES ME By Siôn Stansfield “Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, willingness and goals. Motivation is derived from the word motive which is defined as a need that requires satisfaction. These needs could also be wants or desires that are acquired through influence of culture, society, lifestyle, etc. or generally innate.” Everyday

Offsite with Danone Leadership

Nora Iskandar, HR Director Dairy, Danone said: “POINT3 supported our leadership team on a recent away day by delivering a facilitated workshop followed by an energising workout. It was a really helpful, engaging session which continued to impact our mood and discussions long afterwards. The POINT3 team were professional and flexible and we hope to work

Taking Nutrition to the Next Level with Clarissa Lenherr


Taking your nutrition to the next level with Clarissa Lenherr We recently met with Clarissa Lenherr, a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist to discuss nutrition and how important food is for our mind, body and soul. Clarissa practices from a clinic in Marylebone, London where she is passionate about educating people to discover and celebrate

POINT3 Wellbeing talking at the AEO Forums

Stress and Performance in the Events Industry

POINT3 Wellbeing supported the AEO (Association of Event Organisers) Forums in January 2019 with a series of wellbeing talks focused on stress and how to find flow at work in the context of performance – understanding that not all stress is bad stress. The AEO is the voice of the event organising community. It serves

POINT3 Wellbeing Testimonial

Workshopping with Nike

Matt McKie, Brand Director, Nike said: “POINT3 Wellbeing delivered a workshop for the Nike Football Team that enabled us to explore our individual wellbeing needs as well as those of each other. They facilitated a strong, meaningful discussion that for me as a manager led to powerful insights on my team, which has ultimately enabled

Getting the basics right when it comes to eating


Getting the basics right by Sarah Mayo Do you “eat to live” or “live to eat”? I’m sure that when faced with this question, you’re likely to say the first is true – you eat to live. But when life gets busy and we feel the pressures of time, and the other micro-stressors that life

100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge

100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge

Join us from Friday 1 February on our 100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge when we set ourselves the goal of moving more and being more mindful every day for 100 days straight… Why movement and mindfulness? The simple acts of regular movement, and regular mindfulness are scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier,

HIIT+CHILL+CHAT – January 2019

On Saturday (12 January) we held our first HIIT+CHILL+CHAT mini-retreat event of the year in Richmond. An event focused on nourishing the mind, body and soul, through movement, mindfulness and nutrition. Movement, Mindfulness and Nutrition… for mind, body soul. Our event began with a fun, interactive 45-minute HIIT workout aimed at raising the heart rate,

Be More Mindful Workshop with Sky

Being More Mindful with BSkyB

Gary Marston, Creative Producer and Mental Health First Aider, BSkyB Ltd said: “I recently attended a workshop with the wonderful team POINT3. They specialise in providing a simple and sustainable approach to managing mental, physical and emotional health within the workplace. Something that particularly resonated with me during their workshop was their explanation of living

Setting you up for success with goal setting this year

Be well, be happy, be you…

New Year, New Resolutions At the beginning of a new year it’s traditional to wish friends and family well for the new year ahead, and to make wishes for ourselves too. A new year brings with it a blank canvas, a fresh start, and an opportunity for new hopes and dreams to be realised. This

The Power of Movement by Caitlin Limmer

The Power of Movement

Our bodies are designed to move, but many of us (too many of us) are insufficiently active or not active at all. At POINT3 Wellbeing, movement (along with mindfulness) is one of our foundational principles, as we believe in the power of movement to help improve our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Power

Movement, Mindfulness and Conversation at HIIT+CHILL+CHAT

HIIT+CHILL+CHAT – November '18

On Saturday (24 November) we held our monthly event – HIIT+CHILL+CHAT in Richmond – an experience incorporating movement, mindfulness and conversation around the theme of movement. Movement, Mindfulness and Conversation The mini-retreat style event kicked off with a 45-minute HIIT workout following a circuit of different themed exercises. This was closely followed by a 30-minute

POINT3 Wellbeing HIIT+CHILL Uncovered

HIIT+CHILL uncovered by Siôn Stansfield

At POINT3 Wellbeing we have created a workout – HIIT+CHILL – that we are super proud of. HIIT+CHILL includes a fusion of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which spikes your heart rate, torches calories, conditions muscle and improves your overall physical health; and CHILL, a mindfulness experience that calms the busy mind. So, how and

Lululemon wellbeing workshop and testimonial

Wellbeing Inspo for Lululemon

Nicole Markus, Lululemon Store Manager said: “The POINT3 Wellbeing team delivered an energetic, inspiring and educational session that provided a greater awareness of each individual’s personal wellbeing pillars and some simple tools to cope in a stressful situation. Incredibly valuable takeaways and I can see that the team have adopted many of them already. Come

Wellbeing in the legal space

Talking wellbeing in the legal sector

Nina Coelho Antunes, Head of Product & Proposition Marketing, Thomson Reuters Legal, UK & Ireland said: “POINT3 Wellbeing supported our recent Generate Legal Customer Conference in September through a couple of talks in the Regenerate break-out space. The area was designed to inspire delegates to bring a healthy balance into their work and personal life. POINT3 shared hacks

Mind Massage at Tough Mudder

Mind Massage for the Mudder Nation

Matt Riches, Commercial Director, Tough Mudder said: “At the end of another full on event season the Mind Massage was a brilliant way to release built up tension and help the team reset. The Mudder nation is all about experience, accomplishment and fun. Nicky was able to deliver these in spades during the session and

Dan Strachan, Richmond Borough Mind, Mental Health

Being Mindful about Mental Health

We all have mental health. And we all have a responsibility for the mental health of our loved ones. Despite growing awareness in, and days dedicated to, mental health is still clouded in mystery and stigma that results in 47% of people feeling uncomfortable talking about mental health issues like depression and anxiety at work (Mental