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Wellbeing within events by Sarah Mayo, POINT3 Wellbeing


WELLBEING WITHIN EVENTS The exhibitions and events industry is a special one – bringing people together – whether in a work or lifestyle capacity. This live environment offers a truly unique opportunity for people to meet, learn, be inspired as well as build lasting relationships. POINT3 co-founder Sarah Mayo, recently contributed an article to Exhibition News –

Supporting Work Life Balance Week

Supporting Work Life Balance Week in Canary Wharf

SARAH CROWE, VP DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, NORTHERN TRUST SAID: “We recently invited POINT3 Wellbeing into Northern Trust to support our Work Life Balance Week with a workshop, mind and body workout and mindfulness experience. The three sessions were well attended and well received by our people, showing the desire and need for initiatives like this

HIIT+CHILL+CHAT mini-retreat in Richmond, September 2018

HIIT+CHILL+CHAT – September '18

On Saturday (22 September) we held our monthly HIIT+CHILL+CHAT mini-retreat in Richmond, designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. The HIIT+CHILL+CHAT event welcomed a new crew of lovely people all interested in fitness and wellbeing. They worked hard through the HIIT, they had time to CHILL during the relaxing mindfulness experience, before settling in to listen to Tony

Take a breath - the power of the breath to calm you down

"Just take a breath" by Nicky Morgan

“Just take a breath” Intuitively we prescribe these 4 words to help calm a person down. An over-excited child trying to tell us something? “Just take a breath”. A frustrated colleague at work? “Just take a breath.” A hysterical loved one? “Just take a breath”. So how exactly does “just taking a breath” bring about

POINT3 Wellbeing Testimonial

Being Mindful at Work

Sarah Yeats, Client Services Director, Sledge said: “We recently had the team from POINT3 Wellbeing come in to see us. With the busy and sometimes intense workload we have within events you need to remember that personal focus is massively important to gain balance. Great insight into mindfulness and how to translate it into your

Back to Basics with the Breath

Back to Basics with the Breath

It is the first thing we come into this world with, and it stays with us until our last day in this world. Yet how much thought or attention do we give to the breath and how we breathe? Breath – a bridge between body and mind There is much that we can learn about

TRO Presents Wellbeing Wednesday featuring POINT3 Wellbeing

Wellbeing initiative launches in Richmond

POINT3 Wellbeing, a wellbeing company and TRO, an Omnicom Experiential Group agency are collaborating to bring workforce wellbeing to the fore in Richmond and the surrounding areas. The ‘Thriving at Work’ Report commissioned by the government at the end of 2017 states that 300,000 workers are leaving their jobs every year on account of a

POINT3 Wellbeing provide comment and advice for achy legs to Good Housekeeping magazine. An Epsom Salts bath is the answer!

Good Housekeeping advice for achy legs

We spoke to Good Housekeeping magazine to give advice on how to treat tired and achy legs. Co-founder Sarah Mayo’s top tip after strenuous exercise is an Epsom Salts bath… read the full article here. “Epsom salt is the household name for magnesium sulphate, which releases magnesium and sulphate ions when added to water,” explains Sarah

POINT3 Wellbeing Workshop focused on importance of dreams

Dreams Workshop

Sandra Way, HR Director, MCI Group said: “Every year our company hosts a Dream Day where our people are encouraged to set dreams – be they personal or professional. This year POINT3 Wellbeing hosted a workshop to help our people understand the importance of setting dreams in the context of personal fulfilment and wellbeing, and they provided some

Weekly and monthly wellness events in Richmond, Surrey


What they said about HIIT+CHILL+CHAT: “Thanks for such a great session. Really enjoyed the HIIT whilst taking in the mindful views. The mindfulness session was so relaxing, it certainly did massage my mind.” “Thank you so much – feel so relaxed and inspired! Really professional session and great workout!” “Great session – feeling exercised and

Mindfulness at work

Kirsty Finding, Talent Manager, TRO said: “Thank you POINT3 Wellbeing for a valuable session. We gained some great insights into managing our individual wellbeing needs and really enjoyed the luxury of some instant time out from the mindfulness session.”

POINT3 Wellbeing Testimonial

Amazon Wellbeing Workshop

Laura Stead, Marketing Communications Lead, Amazon said: “I appointed POINT3 to lead a Wellbeing Workshop at a recent team off-site to ensure “wellbeing” was elevated as an important focus area within my team. POINT3 created a great workshop experience – mixing theory with interactive elements to help land key messages and teach us practical skills.

POINT3 Wellbeing Mindfulness


Natasha Funnell, Head of Finance, Paragon Building Consultancy Ltd said: “Amazing guys! Fantastic team and talent with wonderful gifts to share to those who get it and those who don’t! Get involved.”

Meetings & Events Press Coverage

POINT3 Wellbeing is featured in a number of the key meetings and events publications talking about what we do and why we do it. Conference & Meetings World: Making a point on wellbeing in M&E “Sarah Mayo, co-founder of newly launched POINT3 Wellbeing (a UK company that supports people and business with health and wellbeing

Mind Over Mountain by Sarah Mayo

It’s a little over a week since I completed the Verbier St Bernard Marathon Trail in the beautiful Swiss Alps – ascending and descending 3,500 metres – in just under 13 hours. I’ve had plenty of time now to reflect on the experience – the ups and downs, and the highs and lows – physically,

Wellbeing at West Thames College

Judith Summerfield, Senior Staff Development Administrator, West Thames College said: “I recently organised a Wellbeing Day for our staff which POINT3 Wellbeing supported with their Mind Massage and HIIT + CHILL session. The feedback from all that participated was fantastic with comments about how unique and impactful both experiences were. The team at POINT3 were great to

POINT3 launches to support people and business with health and wellbeing programmes

Through a range of events, classes, talks and consultancy services that help people re-evaluate their approach to total wellbeing LONDON — 3 July 2018 — POINT3 Wellbeing is a newly formed wellbeing company that provides a simple and sustainable approach to managing mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing at home and in the workplace.

Engineers' Summit, The Grove

Julia Phillips, Operations Director, Crescendo said: “POINT3 Wellbeing hosted a Mindfulness Workshop and Mind Retreat during a conference for one of our high-profile clients. It was the ideal session to motivate and energise the group during the conference, and with wellbeing being very much on the agenda for employers, it is a great way for


What they said about HIIT+CHILL: “Fun, friendly instructors.” “Outdoor exercise in stunning environment.” “Love the mix of fitness and chill!” “The chill was great. It’s awesome to dedicate time to this as part of a workout.”

Our Dream

Our dream and mission is to help people “stress less and smile more” – to help prevent and manage the symptoms of stress via a new approach to mind and body health and fitness. We aim to inspire a mindset movement – so that people reach their very best potential mentally, physically and emotionally. Be