The Power of Movement

The Power of Movement by Caitlin Limmer
Our bodies are designed to move, but many of us (too many of us) are insufficiently active or not active at all. At POINT3 Wellbeing, movement (along with mindfulness) is one of our foundational principles, as we believe in the power of movement to help improve our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Power of Movement

At our HIIT+CHILL+CHAT mini-retreat on Saturday 24 November, our wellbeing theme was focused on movement. We invited Caitlin Limmer, founder of the Bearcat Running Club, and race director for the Cabbage Patch 10 and Turks Head 10 to speak about the power of movement, and to share her story and inspire discussion on this important subject.

Caitlin has helped many in the community and beyond through running and the charity challenges she organises. This year Caitlin completed Ride London on a tandem bike raising money for and awareness of MDS charity, a charity for which she is also a patron.

Here Caitlin tells us a little more about how she manages her mental and physical wellbeing.

How do you keep mentally fit?

“The recipe of life is actually very simple, it is when we over complicate it that we become UNFIT. I keep mentally (and physically) fit by exercising, eating well and sleeping lots. Mental fitness has to be worked at as much as physical. I love being out in the elements and exercising with friends/family even in the pouring rain! I love to listen and learn from other people’s life experiences and apply what they have learnt to mine. Look after your mental fitness – get help if you need it, it’s your life, it is possible to lead a full, fun life. You have a choice to have good mental fitness, but sometimes we all need help with that, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.”

How do you keep physically fit?

“I love trying new sports (most recently I have tried horse riding, stand up paddleboarding and ballet). I have gone from running, open water swimming to riding a tandem/spinning. When I started each of these I never thought I would enjoy any of them, but I gave each my best shot and fell in love with all of them. I do them in my own way – just trying my hardest and finding the pleasure in them. I set myself goals always to work towards, some harder than others.”

Do you have any tips and tricks on wellbeing for our readers?

“Be brave, laugh, and learn to JUST BE YOURSELF – you won’t be totally happy until you are. Mix with people that FIRE and INSPIRE you. Mix with people that are honest and kind, don’t get involved with tittle tattle, there is no room in life for being unkind about others and it won’t make you feel any better. Get involved in your community. Give back to others.”

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