The thinking behind POINT3 Wellbeing

POINT3 Wellbeing co-founders
On World Mental Health Awareness Day, we take a quick dive into the thinking behind the business, and the minds of the founders of POINT3 Wellbeing…

Managing Mental Health

POINT3 Wellbeing is a company founded to help people stress less, and smile more. The core principles of POINT3 are movement and mindfulness. Both are recognised by mental health organisations as powerful solutions to manage the effects of stress. What’s unique to POINT3 is the pairing of the two into one – ideal for the busy professional who struggles to prioritise both – (or either) – into their day.
Here, the founders share their own personal experience of managing the inevitable stresses of work and life, and how this forms the foundations of their business today.

Nicky Morgan, co-founder:

“I come at this having worked for 18 years in an exhilarating but high-pressured industry alongside managing anxiety and depression over the years. For me, running was a great way for me to manage that. Running was my therapy. At about the same time, I became intrigued by the mind and how it worked, and took myself off to retrain as a clinical hypnotherapist. Really to gain an understanding as to what our powerful minds can do. So, I guess I turned my mental health challenges into my hobby and now excitingly into my career! I’m just super passionate about bringing movement and mindfulness together to support others to stress less and smile more.”

Siôn Stansfield, co-founder

“We’ve come from the corporate world where we have experienced a fair bit of stress ourselves. For me the most powerful thing that I discovered to support my own wellbeing was the power of movement. Yes, it benefited me from a physical perspective, but the mental health benefits that it gave me were numerous. And when I look back now with the benefit of hindsight, I do understand that without it, I would have been a shell of the person that I am. So, I’ve taken that understanding, as well as my passion for endurance sport, to help motivate others to move more mindfully, and hopefully manage better their mental health as a result.”

Sarah Mayo, co-founder

“We have a combined love of health and fitness, particularly through running which is what brought us together. Running has always been my moment to be mindful, and also of course, a way to look after my physical health and overall wellbeing. And having worked in the corporate world for the past 20 years, in various high-pressured roles, I’ve always prioritised movement and exercise, as my kind of therapy and way to manage my stress levels. My passion has always been movement, and I’ve now turned this into my purpose by retraining as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. And in partnership with Siôn and Nicky, we’re hoping to help people manage their stress levels better through the power of mind and body fitness, and overall wellbeing.”

POINT3 Wellbeing works with companies and individuals to inspire them to move more and be more mindful through a mixture of events, workouts and workshops that explore holistic wellbeing, as well as the powerful combination of movement and mindfulness.