Talks + Workshops

Wellbeing inspiration

Ranging between 45 and 90 minutes, our talks and workshops are ideal for an immersive burst of wellbeing inspiration in the workplace or at away days/ conferences.

Our interactive seminar sessions provide practical and inspiring ideas to help audiences be more aware of their wellbeing needs. All sessions aim to motivate, educate and energise attendees by including a bit of science, self-reflection and other interactive exercises, and practical pointers to encourage action.

Wellbeing topics include:

Being More Mindful

Introducing the principles of wellbeing to inspire sustainable behaviour change.

Goal Setting for Success

How to take control and get motivated to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

Stress Less, Perform Best

How to find flow at work, understanding that not all stress is bad stress.

Energy Management

Exploring nutrition and sleep, and its impact on our wellbeing and performance at work.

Tribe Rules

Uncovering the key ingredients to high performing teams and individuals.

Meaningful Tech Connections

Exploring our relationship with technology and its impact on our focus + performance.

Building Resilience

Learning how to build resilience in order to better cope with the day-to-day pressures of life.

Focusing Time + Attention

Optimising time + focus in a world filled with distractions.

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