Workouts + Work-ins


Our workouts combine movement and/or mindfulness and have been scientifically designed to help reduce stress and re-engage focus.
At typically 45 minutes long, these classes have been designed for those on a busy schedule – the optimum length and benefit for healthy hearts and minds – ideal for both in or out of the workplace.

Product menu

Mix and match from our product menu of immersive 45-minute mind + body classes. All sessions aim to connect the three pillars of mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Need something specific? No problem, we can tailor our products to suit your needs, audience, environment and brief.


Pure relaxation for the busy mind. We will take the audience on a relaxing experience aimed at helping the mind to unwind and let go of unnecessary tension. Think of this as a massage for the mind – the audience will leave the session feeling relaxed and revived.


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Using guided visualisation, we will take the audience on a guided “inner retreat” – enabling them to relax and reconnect with themselves. An enlightening experience that could lead to those elusive “a-ha” moments.


The ultimate interval workout for mind and body. We will get heart rates soaring into the burn zone, before bringing them back down to resting in the chill-out zone. A high intensity interval training workout followed by a mindfulness session. Participants will leave feeling pumped and ready to rock the day.


Stretch both the mind and body in this session designed to give greater focus and dynamism in thoughts and movement. Developmental stretching followed by a mindfulness session. Participants will walk away brimming with a renewed sense of purpose.


Let the mind run free during this (typically) 5k run. We will take participants on a guided run around a specific location. This is suitable for all levels of runners. The run will end with a rejuvenating mindfulness session leaving participants relaxed and energised ahead of the rest of the day/week.

Get in touch if you would like to hold one of these sessions.