Three Pointers to goal setting

Welcome to our new guest mini blog with experts from the world of health and wellness…

Every couple of weeks we will ask an expert to share their “3 Pointers” around a different wellbeing theme – small, easy to adopt steps we can all make to help us feel better day-to-day, leading to a healthier, happier and more thriving life.

Up first, we’re delighted to welcome Luke Tyburski, a Performance Mindset Coach who has written a book – Chasing Extreme – about overcoming obstacles and depression to embrace a life of extreme adventure.

Here, Luke shares his 3 Pointers around goal-setting at the beginning of a new year and decade…

1. Start Now

I get it, everyone is talking about new year’s resolutions, but why do you have to wait until January 1st, the 1st of the month or a Monday to take control of your life, in order to achieve what you want to achieve NOW? You don’t need to wait for a starting point that society deems is a good time to begin chasing your goals, you can start any day you wish!

The reason this is important to understand and acknowledge, is because there will be times when things get tough, when trying to achieve your goals, maybe you even go backwards. This is ok, but don’t wait until the next Monday or 1st of the month to get back on track, take control, and start again that very day!

2. Know Why

The goals you’ve set to achieve, what are the real reasons why you want to achieve them? Are they to please someone else? Because you think at this time in your life they are what “you should” be aiming for? Or, is it because you have a burning desire deep down to accomplish these new goals? If you’ve set a goal for someone else, or not for a deep rooted personal reason, then these are goals that I’ve seen disappear like the wind for many people once adversity, obstacles, and setbacks appear.

Ask yourself WHY you want to achieve your goal, then ask yourself WHY that WHY matters to you. Finally ask yourself one more time, why both of these WHYS are reasons for you to dedicate your time, effort, and even money to accomplish them!

If you don’t come to an honest reason that excites you from the inside out, then I would suggest you rethink what you’ve set yourself in the first place.

3. Emotional Connection

Don’t rely on external motivations (people/quotes/videos) to inspire you to take action, look within. External motivation is a spark that comes and goes in a flash. Having an emotional connection to what you want to achieve should ignite an internal fire, and (if understood) can burn strong until you accomplish what you’ve set out to achieve.

The environment you’re in and the people you spend the majority of your time with can help create what is needed to ignite that internal fire.

Are you willing to prepare yourself with knowledge and understand what’s needed to achieve your goal? Or are you just going to wing it? Spending time to understand those deep rooted WHYS can help create the fuel you need to keep your internal motivation fire burning.

Finally, if you still need a spark to ignite that internal fire, remember the accomplishments you’ve achieved throughout your life, your proudest moments, and how they made you feel about yourself; this is the strongest emotional connection you can have when setting goals this year.