MHFA Meet-Up: May 2023

Themed around Anxiety As part of our Mental Health First Aid training value-add and safe-guarding, we host free quarterly meet-ups for all those that go through our training. Nicky Morgan hosted our most recent gathering on Thursday, 4th May, welcoming 13 of our community along.  We know that taking on the role of an MHFAider

To be human is to be emotional…

What one or two words would you use to describe how you’re feeling right now? We start most of our training sessions and our POINT3 meetings with this question. It acts as an ice-breaker and sets the scene in terms of the safe space that we aim to create amongst the people we train but

How wellbeing companies can improve employee happiness

Working at a job can often be demanding, leaving employees feeling stressed and unfulfilled. Fortunately, wellbeing companies are working hard to drive employee happiness by providing thoughtful and tailored solutions that not only improve working conditions but also take into account the mental and physical health of employees.  In this blog, we will explore how


Are you future fit for purpose? Our latest insights paper is now ready to download and digest. And purpose is a red thread throughout… The report includes the latest statistics and insight relating to wellbeing in the workplace along with the findings from our own survey of 103 people conducted at the end of 2022. We hope

Recognising the Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is often seen as a taboo topic in the workplace. However, it is becoming increasingly recognised as an important issue that needs to be addressed. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of mental health in the workplace and some ways in which HR managers can support employees. It is estimated

Why Wellbeing Training for Employees is Essential for Success

The wellbeing of employees is critical to the success of any organisation or business. An organisation’s culture, resources, productivity and ultimately its bottom line are all affected by this. This is especially true for mental wellbeing support for employees, as our mind is the main driving force behind everything we do in life. Thus, a


The Future Fit Of Workplace Wellbeing in 2022 and beyond Are you future fit? We hope that our latest report serves as a valuable source of insight and ideas to support business leaders and HR professionals as you develop and deliver on your employee mental health and wellbeing objectives this year. The report contains the

Raising awareness in mental health 365 days a year

October is an important month for raising awareness in mental health, wellbeing and overall work-life balance with campaigns dedicated to both. World Mental Health Day Every year on the 10th October, employers and the global mental health community recognise World Mental Health Day – an awareness day established by the World Health Organisation. It goes

How to Hybrid/Remote Work Well

Managing the mental health and wellbeing of people within a hybrid/remote working model by Sarah Mayo In June, I was delighted to talk to Adam Jones, CEO of Venn Media, the company behind Remote First – an online community for business leaders of remote first organisations. Our conversation was centred around remote first working and

How to manage the “return to workplace” phase

This time of change Walk The Talk with POINT3 Wellbeing

Managing “This Time of Change” by Nicky Morgan During one of our Walk The Talk webcast episodes, I chatted to Imogen Wall – Humanitarian Aid expert, Therapist + Mental Health First Aid Instructor about “This Time of Change” and ways we can look to equip people to manage and embrace the return to work phase