It’s Time to Talk by Nicky Morgan

Today is Time to Talk Day – a day created by Time for Change to encourage everyone to have a conversation about mental health.  In their own words: “We know that talking about mental health can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to.”  In October 2019  Public Health England launched the Every Mind Matters campaign

Relax, just do it

National Relaxation Day is marked every year on August 15th – a day to highlight the need to focus more on taking care of ourselves, by giving ourselves permission to slow down, unwind and recover from the everyday stresses of life as we know it these days.  Why we need to relax more… We know


The Power of Sleep with Risa Gabrielle

Wake up to the power of sleep and rest with Risa Gabrielle We recently had the pleasure of chatting to Risa Gabrielle, a sleep therapist, to discuss sleep and its impact on our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Risa is also a yoga teacher and transformational coach. Her passion is empowering people to

Sleep for Mind, Body, Soul – Part 1

Sleep... My prescription of choice

MY PRESCRIPTION OF CHOICE… By Nicky Morgan I was so excited when I discovered that scientists had discovered a ground-breaking elixir that: Makes you live longer. Enhances your memory. Makes you more creative. Makes you look more attractive. Helps to keep weight under control and reduces food cravings. Protects you from cancer and dementia. Lowers your risk of

Being Mindful about Mental Health

Dan Strachan, Richmond Borough Mind, Mental Health

We all have mental health. And we all have a responsibility for the mental health of our loved ones. Despite growing awareness in, and days dedicated to, mental health is still clouded in mystery and stigma that results in 47% of people feeling uncomfortable talking about mental health issues like depression and anxiety at work (Mental

The thinking behind POINT3 Wellbeing

POINT3 Wellbeing co-founders Nicky, Sion and Sarah

On World Mental Health Awareness Day, we take a quick dive into the thinking behind the business, and the minds of the founders of POINT3 Wellbeing… Managing Mental Health POINT3 Wellbeing is a company founded to help people stress less, and smile more. The core principles of POINT3 are movement and mindfulness. Both are recognised

"Just take a breath" by Nicky Morgan

Take a breath - the power of the breath to calm you down

“Just take a breath” Intuitively we prescribe these 4 words to help calm a person down. An over-excited child trying to tell us something? “Just take a breath”. A frustrated colleague at work? “Just take a breath.” A hysterical loved one? “Just take a breath”. So how exactly does “just taking a breath” bring about

Back to Basics with the Breath

Tony Ulatowski takes us back to basics with the breath

It is the first thing we come into this world with, and it stays with us until our last day in this world. Yet how much thought or attention do we give to the breath and how we breathe? Breath – a bridge between body and mind There is much that we can learn about