The importance of Stress Awareness and How you can Support your Employees

November 2nd marks National Stress Awareness Day, dedicated to bringing attention to the effects and how it can affect our physical and mental wellbeing. As employers, it is important to ensure that your employees have the necessary resources and support to deal with stress and mental health in the workplace. In this article, we discuss

To be human is to be emotional…

What one or two words would you use to describe how you’re feeling right now? We start most of our training sessions and our POINT3 meetings with this question. It acts as an ice-breaker and sets the scene in terms of the safe space that we aim to create amongst the people we train but

Managing mental health and wellbeing while social distancing or self-isolating

Managing mental health and wellbeing while social distancing and self-isolation

If you are feeling worried, stressed and/or anxious at this time then you are not alone. This is a very normal response to the uncertainty of how the coronavirus (COVID-19) could affect your life, including being asked to work from home or avoid other people. While there are many things that are out of our

Relax, just do it

National Relaxation Day is marked every year on August 15th – a day to highlight the need to focus more on taking care of ourselves, by giving ourselves permission to slow down, unwind and recover from the everyday stresses of life as we know it these days.  Why we need to relax more… We know

Move More Mindfully for Mind, Body, Soul – Part 2

Every Breath Counts by Nicky Morgan

Every Breath Counts by Nicky Morgan “Mindfulness” as a practice came onto my radar in the mid-noughties. My mum cut an article out of a magazine for me to read – (so safe to say this “mindfulness” thing was going mainstream) – as she thought it could be helpful for me. Mindfulness was apparently a

100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge

100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge

Join us from Friday 1 February on our 100 Day Move More Mindfully Challenge when we set ourselves the goal of moving more and being more mindful every day for 100 days straight… Why movement and mindfulness? The simple acts of regular movement, and regular mindfulness are scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier,

Being Mindful about Mental Health

Dan Strachan, Richmond Borough Mind, Mental Health

We all have mental health. And we all have a responsibility for the mental health of our loved ones. Despite growing awareness in, and days dedicated to, mental health is still clouded in mystery and stigma that results in 47% of people feeling uncomfortable talking about mental health issues like depression and anxiety at work (Mental

The thinking behind POINT3 Wellbeing

POINT3 Wellbeing co-founders Nicky, Sion and Sarah

On World Mental Health Awareness Day, we take a quick dive into the thinking behind the business, and the minds of the founders of POINT3 Wellbeing… Managing Mental Health POINT3 Wellbeing is a company founded to help people stress less, and smile more. The core principles of POINT3 are movement and mindfulness. Both are recognised

"Just take a breath" by Nicky Morgan

Take a breath - the power of the breath to calm you down

“Just take a breath” Intuitively we prescribe these 4 words to help calm a person down. An over-excited child trying to tell us something? “Just take a breath”. A frustrated colleague at work? “Just take a breath.” A hysterical loved one? “Just take a breath”. So how exactly does “just taking a breath” bring about