Five years on… why choose POINT3 Wellbeing?

Where we come from… POINT3 was founded by three of us (Sarah, Nicky and Siôn), who all hail from the corporate world. Between us we have over 45 collective years of experience across marketing, events, business development and client servicing and now an additional 15 collective years’ experience in the corporate mental health and wellbeing

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Three Pointers on finding motivation

3 Pointers on Finding Motivation – Dr Megan Swanson Welcome to our guest mini blog with experts from the world of health and wellness… This week we’re delighted to welcome Dr Megan Swanson to share her “3 Pointers” around finding motivation to keep you focused on your goals/intentions this year… small, easy to adopt steps we

Three Pointers to goal setting

Welcome to our new guest mini blog with experts from the world of health and wellness… Every couple of weeks we will ask an expert to share their “3 Pointers” around a different wellbeing theme – small, easy to adopt steps we can all make to help us feel better day-to-day, leading to a healthier, happier

My 2020 Vision by Siôn Stansfield

For me, my goals keep me calm; they give me the focus that I need to have clarity on the decisions I make. I like to feel like I’m achieving, and that often comes down to giving each task that I’m working on a greater sense of purpose, and therefore motivating me further to achieve

My 2020 Vision by Nicky Morgan

Goals. I’m going to say it, I don’t really like the word.  Goals make me think of something big, brash, looming, intimidating… tantalising and always slightly out of reach. I don’t know when it happened, but my mind links the word “goal” with pressure, pain and struggle. If I set a “goal” and I don’t

My 2020 Vision by Sarah Mayo

Happy new year/decade! And welcome to the twenties, a decade with a name, joy!  I like this time of year. Not because of the weather, or the post-festive fatigue; I like this time of year because it’s an opportunity to get back into my routines. Routines are important for me. As much as they might

Wakey Wakey

Productivity by Nicky Morgan So here’s an irony. I am writing this blog post on “productivity” at 3.15pm on a Friday afternoon – the week after I got back from a week’s holiday. My productivity levels this week, safe to say, have been a little all over the place. But with a commitment to share

Be well, be happy, be you…

Setting you up for success with goal setting this year

New Year, New Resolutions At the beginning of a new year it’s traditional to wish friends and family well for the new year ahead, and to make wishes for ourselves too. A new year brings with it a blank canvas, a fresh start, and an opportunity for new hopes and dreams to be realised. This