Five years on… why choose POINT3 Wellbeing?

POINT3 Wellbeing Certified B Corporation

Where we come from…

POINT3 was founded by three of us (Sarah, Nicky and Siôn), who all hail from the corporate world. Between us we have over 45 collective years of experience across marketing, events, business development and client servicing and now an additional 15 collective years’ experience in the corporate mental health and wellbeing space.

With our background in the corporate world, we understand first-hand the pressures that busy professionals face. 

The “always on” nature and high stress from working to tight deadlines, long hours and juggling many responsibilities can lead to burnout. This means we speak the language that your people speak.

In 2018, we took this knowledge and understanding and retrained as mental health and wellbeing workplace specialists.

Who we are now…

Five years on (June 2023) and our boutique organisation is still founder-run, independently owned and recently B Corp certified, and we are as passionate as ever about making a difference for the people we work with and for society at large.

As a company, POINT3 Wellbeing provides our clients with bespoke consultancy services and training and development experiences aimed at creating a culture of psychological safety and connection – one where people and the business thrive.

We the founders bring a unique perspective as we manage all aspects of running the business – from client relationships where we understand the business challenges and objectives through to training and development interventions – where we meet with employees and understand their individual challenges and aspirations too. 

The intersection of both of these areas means that POINT3 is uniquely positioned to have the greatest impact – marrying your business needs with your peoples’ needs.

Our Why?…

Moreover, we are passionate about the power of human connection – this was at the heart of our corporate careers in events marketing. We believe in getting back to being more human, understanding that human beings have an innate need to connect with others, and a need to be seen, heard and understood. We help people build their connection to self and others.

This is at the heart of our business values, vision and mission and is central to the principles that we share through our training experiences and consultancy services.

Check out what our clients say here.

And read/hear some of the stories from the clients that we work with and have been working with since the beginning…

If you are responsible for supporting the people within your business and you’re looking to connect with an organisation that is passionate about people and how to help them fulfil their potential, then we look forward to hearing from you.

We rely on word of mouth to sustain our business, so if you like what we do, please recommend us to someone who might be interested in our services.

Working with us…

And here are 5 ways POINT3 can support you and your people:

1. Bespoke consultancy services

We draw on our 15 collective years of working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees to help our partners embed mental health + wellbeing into your organisation’s culture – resulting in maximum impact for your people and your organisation.

Whether it’s insight gathering, internal communications or a values workshop, we can support you to create a culture of psychological safety and connection where your business and your people thrive.

2. Leadership training for your managers

Research tells us that the number one reason people decide to stay or leave an organisation is based on their relationship with their manager. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility but few are equipped and skilled to lead their teams to their highest potential. Our training puts the human into the manager turning them into leaders who serve and inspire their team to succeed.

Find out more about our Raise Your Human Game manager and leadership programme by watching the launch video(s) or get in touch to chat through.

3. Mental Health training

The pressures of modern day work and life mean that stress, burnout and poor mental health are increasingly of concern for individuals and employers. 

Choose from our mental health first aid training through to our mental health awareness training, and other supporting services which aim to raise awareness and understanding in mental health and ways that individuals can support themselves and each other better.

4. Mindset sessions 

These 60 minute (or less) sessions are ideal for keynotes or for team building.

Pick and choose from The Stress Series or The Wellbeing Series… these sessions offer theory and practical ways to help raise the emotional intelligence of your people.

5. Wellbeing energisers and experiences

As ex-event marketing professionals, we know how to design and deliver a programme of experiences with impact.

Whatever the brief, whatever the occasion, through our diverse network of specialists we can create an event or series of events that land with impact.

And, from September, we will be launching our new monthly 3 Pointers from POINT3 emailer. This is for anyone we come into contact with looking for small, practical pointers regarding their mental health and wellbeing.

That’s all for now.

Be kind. Be curious. Be well.