Team Building + Social Events

“Get the team together” with these virtual 30 minute mindfulness + movement experiences designed to connect teams in the remote world.

Pick and mix from the following:


A wine-tasting experience with a difference. Enjoy a glass of wine whilst guided through a relaxing, multi-sensory mindfulness experience.

Mindful Tea Drinking

Be inspired by the zen monks in the art of tea-drinking. Learn how to make an everyday activity mindful.

Mind Massage

A relaxing guided mindfulness experience to calm the busiest of minds.

Nap Time

The optimum time for a nap is 26 minutes (says NASA) so sleep or just relax and re-energise with this guided “nap”.

Scan + Unwind/Uplift*

A mindful moving experience that unwinds the body and relaxes/energises the mind (*choose your theme).

Stretch + Chill

Stretch out the body and chill during this calming mindful movement experience.

HIIT + Chill

Get heart rates rising in this class for all fitness abilities, ending with a moment of relaxation to calm and focus the mind.

Connect 4 Thirty

Connect with your team through this facilitated discussion of light-hearted and thought-provoking questions.