Raising awareness in mental health 365 days a year

October is an important month for raising awareness in mental health, wellbeing and overall work-life balance with campaigns dedicated to both. World Mental Health Day Every year on the 10th October, employers and the global mental health community recognise World Mental Health Day – an awareness day established by the World Health Organisation. It goes

How to Hybrid/Remote Work Well

Managing the mental health and wellbeing of people within a hybrid/remote working model by Sarah Mayo In June, I was delighted to talk to Adam Jones, CEO of Venn Media, the company behind Remote First – an online community for business leaders of remote first organisations. Our conversation was centred around remote first working and

The Power of Three

Three Year Reflections by Nicky, Siôn and Sarah This month we became three years old! Back in June 2018 we officially started trading as POINT3 Wellbeing delivering our first workshop to a group of artificial intelligence engineers, and it’s been a steep learning curve ever since! Why three is a special number…  1/ we are

How to manage the “return to workplace” phase

This time of change Walk The Talk with POINT3 Wellbeing

Managing “This Time of Change” by Nicky Morgan During one of our Walk The Talk webcast episodes, I chatted to Imogen Wall – Humanitarian Aid expert, Therapist + Mental Health First Aid Instructor about “This Time of Change” and ways we can look to equip people to manage and embrace the return to work phase

How to break the stigma around stress & mental health at work

Exploring Stigma around stress in the workplace by Sarah Mayo With many (60%**) who suffer from mental ill health saying the stigma, shame and silence can be as bad as, if not worse than, the symptoms themselves, and with 1 in 6 in the workplace suffering from a common mental health condition in any given

Is your workplace psychologically safe?

Psychological Safety in the workplace

Unpacking Psychological Safety By Sarah Mayo Two questions to start… Have you heard of the term psychological safety?  And if you have, is it a term that is discussed and modelled at a senior level in your organisation?  If you haven’t come across the term psychological safety before, a good place to start is to

Moving from Burnout to Burning Bright in 2021

Workplace Burnout by Siôn Stansfield In researching the topic of burnout ahead of our new Walk The Talk webcast conversation with NHS clinical psychologist Dr Megan Swanson, I was saddened, although not surprised, to see how instances of burnout are increasing rapidly. A recent study by Gallup* reveals that 76% of employees experience burnout on

Three pointers to managing change in uncertain times

Managing Change during uncertainty

Welcome to our guest mini blog with experts from the world of personal development, health and wellness… This week we’re delighted to welcome Gemma Bullivant to share her “3 Pointers”… small, easy to adopt steps we can all make to help us feel better day-to-day, leading to a healthier, happier and more thriving life. Gemma

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We are publishing this one month after George Floyd was killed on 25 May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has led to a global rallying cry against systemic racism and put the Black Lives Matter movement firmly into the global spotlight. Many companies have been sharing their commitment and action to the cause, helping fuel

Three Pointers to parenting while working from home

Parenting during COVID-19 by Miki Maruko

Welcome to our guest blog with experts from the world of health and wellness… Many parents have found themselves in the rather new situation of having to work from home with children around. So, this week, we’re delighted to welcome Miki Maruko to share her “3 Pointers” on parenting while working from home during COVID-19.