POINT3 Predictions Report 2022

The Future Fit Of Workplace Wellbeing in 2022 and beyond

Are you future fit?

We hope that our latest report serves as a valuable source of insight and ideas to support business leaders and HR professionals as you develop and deliver on your employee mental health and wellbeing objectives this year.

The report contains the distilled trends, thinking and first-hand insight gathered from our conversations with over 70 organisations and their people in 2021.

It references leading reports from global think tanks and includes key themes that are being covered by the corporate wellbeing industry at large. We took these themes and surveyed our own community to see how they reflected the challenges and opportunities that we face as a global workforce navigating this point in time.

Within the report we look at:

  • The current workplace challenge/opportunity
  • The symptoms of this challenge
  • The causes
  • The cost of not addressing the issues
  • Those populations most at risk
  • The opportunity for employees + employers
  • How to thrive + create positive cultural change

The report zeros in on the issues of languishing and burnout, the cohorts most at risk – thought to be millennials and managers, and the global phenomena of The Great Resignation. It then goes on to unpack ways to support and mitigate the risks and support those most at risk, turning this moment in time into an opportunity. The opportunity for organisations to relook at employee experience, and what that looks like in 2022 and beyond, to set people up to thrive. A healthy + thriving workforce = A healthy + thriving organisation.

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How can we help you and your people stress less and smile more at work in 2022?

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