A Look-In: June 2024

A POINT3 Journal by Nicky Morgan, 17 June 2024 Those of you who know us will know a couple of things: So, with that in mind, we’re delighted to invite you into our inner-musings as we share with you “A Look-In” – our periodical POINT3 Journal. Our primary intention is to spend some time journaling.

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A bittersweet update from POINT3

“Change and how to cope well amidst change” seems to be one of the biggest themes that has come out of our conversations with clients and HR professionals over recent months… …And they are not alone, we too are also experiencing our own changes here at POINT3. At the end of February 2024, we say

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Five years on… why choose POINT3 Wellbeing?

Where we come from… POINT3 was founded by three of us (Sarah, Nicky and Siôn), who all hail from the corporate world. Between us we have over 45 collective years of experience across marketing, events, business development and client servicing and now an additional 15 collective years’ experience in the corporate mental health and wellbeing

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Are you future fit for purpose? Our latest insights paper is now ready to download and digest. And purpose is a red thread throughout… The report includes the latest statistics and insight relating to wellbeing in the workplace along with the findings from our own survey of 103 people conducted at the end of 2022. We hope

POINT3 Wellbeing Certifies as a B Corporation

31 January 2023: POINT3 Wellbeing (POINT3) announces today its certification as a B Corporation (B Corp), joining a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.  POINT3 has been certified by B Lab, the not-for-profit behind the B Corp movement, as having met rigorous social and environmental standards which represent

The case for mental health training in the workplace

So, why do we need mental health training anyway? POINT3S OF VIEW BY CO-FOUNDER NICKY MORGAN I spent 18 years working in the wonderful, hectic, exciting, dynamic, ever-changing world of events marketing. More often than not I strived on the stress and pressure that inevitably came with the job which has been cited – believe

Guide to defining a wellbeing strategy

POINT3 Wellbeing Planning

The case for a mental health and wellbeing strategy As we emerge collectively from the pandemic – the hidden pandemic as some have referred to it – is that of mental ill health. Stress and burnout have reached record high levels, and as we settle into new ways of working and living – it’s time,

Small steps to big changes for mental health and wellbeing

Building healthy habits for mental health and wellbeing POINT3S OF VIEW BY CO-FOUNDER Sion Stansfield “You only know a good sailor in rough seas”  I find this metaphor for life to be so true and impactful. Rough seas are sadly something that at different points in our lives we will all face, whether that’s on

Three pointers to supporting your wellbeing through reflexology

Welcome to our guest blog with experts from the world of personal development, health and wellness… Here we are joined by Emma de Pfeiffer-Key who shares her ‘3 Pointers’ or reflex points that can support your wellbeing through the holistic therapy of Reflexology. Emma is one of POINT3’s Associates, but also the owner of dPK

Exploring the 5 pillars of mental health

Maintaining My Mental Health  POINT3S OF VIEW BY CO-FOUNDER Sarah Mayo The month of May hosts Mental Health Awareness Week – a time to raise awareness in a subject that for too long has been taboo. Mental health impacts how we think, feel and behave – so it’s central to who we are, how we