A Look-In: June 2024

A POINT3 Journal by Nicky Morgan, 17 June 2024

Those of you who know us will know a couple of things:

  1. We’re keen on a spot of self reflection
  2. We’re fond of healthy habits to help drive us towards higher performance
  3. We love creative writing!

So, with that in mind, we’re delighted to invite you into our inner-musings as we share with you “A Look-In” – our periodical POINT3 Journal.

Our primary intention is to spend some time journaling. Both of us count creative writing as an enjoyable pursuit… and yet both of us spend very little time harnessing it. We also know that when we tune into a creative activity that helps us get to a place of flow – we’re doing wonderful things for our nervous system and so in turn our stress levels. We’re all about that!

We also know that journaling is an incredible tool to reflect inwards, self express and gain insights… that, we hope, will help push us onwards towards being the healthiest and highest performing individuals and team that we can be – and in turn, help others along the way.

Finally, perhaps, it will give our wider community a chance to get to know us a little better. We’re big believers that we will attract the clients, partners, suppliers and friends that match with our values.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the way we think, feel and behave in the workplace and beyond – please, be our guest and take “A Look-In” to our journal/world!

What a couple of months it’s been! Back in February Sarah and I said goodbye to Siôn – our forever-co-founder. I’ve personally worked closely with Siôn since 2011 – 7 years before setting up POINT3 in 2018. So, saying goodbye was jam-packed with feelings. 

They say you teach the lessons you need to learn: Our favourite “tool” in training is to invite people to name the 1-2 emotions that they’re feeling in any given moment – and to remind people how possible, normal and complicated it is that we can be feeling different emotions at the same time. Siôn leaving felt sad yet hopeful, disappointing yet exciting, challenging and yet filled with gratitude. It was a lot! I still miss Siôn plenty – particularly his infectious laugh, Dad jokes, motivational speeches and the Zoom cameo appearances from the wider Stansfield crew. But I know he’s in his Happy Place – and that makes me happy too!

And, so then, there were 2. 4 months ago, Sarah and I set-off on our next adventure – POINT3 2.0 (and noooo, we will never re-brand to POINT2… even though that was our name for the first 2 weeks in business – but that’s another story!). And 4 months later it feels like we’ve finally made it to the beginning of our new start line – having taken a few twists and turns along the way to find it.

So, the words to describe how I’m feeling right now: optimistic, excited, determined, energised – and above all else, connected.

These last few weeks have been filled with the sorts of connections that I have been craving. Connections with the work that I’ve been doing, connections with our learners in the training room, connections with potential new clients, connections with potential partners. And perhaps most importantly – a revitalised connection with Sarah.

Sarah and I were colleagues first (est. 2013). Friends next (est. 2014). POINT3 Wellbeing Co-Founders together with Siôn (est. 2018). And here we are today – a female founder-led business duo (est. 2024)  still on a mission to help people to Stress Less and Smile More – with a new Human Skills programme we have delivered now on multiple occasions with proven impact. And I’m buzzing to be here, right now!

We have been searching for the right words that help to explain why we do what we do with our Human Skills Training. We’ve made it this far:

The truth is we’re not sure this model completely captures what we’re trying to say. The feeling I’m feeling right now is what it’s all about. It’s driving me to push harder, strive further, dream bigger and dig deeper. It’s good for me – it’s good for our clients – it’s good for our small business. 

Thank you Sarah for taking another leap of faith with me – let’s see where this one takes us… 

And, if you’re interested in finding out more about our new Human Skills training… register here to taste it for yourself on the 30 August!