International Women’s Day

Imagining a gender equal workplace

Celebrating the Women behind POINT3 Wellbeing

Our vision at POINT3 is a world where discrimination is extinct – where everyone has an equal opportunity to fulfil their human potential and purpose. 

And this is why we are passionate about championing women, every day, but in particular today on International Women’s Day (8 March).

As part of honouring and celebrating women, we’d like to showcase those women who have represented POINT3 over the last year or so.

Thank you for your support of POINT3 and for being incredible role models for future generations of women looking to make an impact in service for others…

Thank you to the following women

Emma de Pfeiffer-Key, POINT3 Associate and Holistic Therapist

Thank you Emma for helping to spread the POINT3 word and for supporting our clients with your reflexology.

Imogen Wall, MHFA instructor and Therapist

Thank you Imogen for being an incredible Mental Health First Aid instructor and therapist helping us to train another 120 MHFAiders over the last year.

Dr. Megan Swanson PsyD, CPSP, MEd, BC

Thank you Megan for your expertise rubber-stamping our training content to ensure it is as robust and responsibly delivered as possible.

Dr Sarah Berry, Associate Professor King’s College London and Chief Scientist at ZOE

Thank you Sarah for sharing your expertise and valuable research on our menopause panels and for bringing your insight to the masses via your Zoe blog and podcast.

Julia Edwards, D&I Consultant

Thank you Julia for supporting our clients with their DE&I needs.

Carly Ferguson, Leadership + Team Performance Coach

Thank you Carly for supporting our clients with their coaching needs.

Jen Goddard, Empowerment + Leadership Coach

Thank you Jen for supporting our clients with their coaching needs.

Sarae Pratt, Self Belief Women’s Leadership Coach

Thank you Sarae for supporting our clients with their coaching needs.

Allie Williams, Yoga Teacher

Thank you Allie for supporting our clients with your yoga teaching.

Lesley Reid, Reflexologist

Thank you Lesley for supporting our clients with your reflexology.

Zoe Tuffs, Transformation Coach

Thank you Zoe for supporting us with our own business transformation needs over the last 12 months or so and for helping to audit our client services by speaking to our clients on our behalf.

Samantha Massey, POINT3 Associate

Thank you Samantha for helping to spread the POINT3 Wellbeing word.

And thank you to the following inspirational women who have all shared their stories and perspective on our Walk The Talk podcast over the last year:

Victoria Stansfield who candidly spoke to us about her own mental health journey. You can watch this here.

Miki Maruko, Business Mentor & Life Coach, Niru Desai and Jurate Puodziukaite who spoke to us this time last year around ways to break the bias around gender (and other inequality) in today’s workplace. You can watch this here.

And a final thank you to Kamwell for supporting POINT3 – a women-run wellbeing business (and fellow B Corp) led by Kirsten Samuel along with Emma James, Charlotte Sutton, Zoe Ibrahim, Zoe Adams and Rachel Robb.

One final shout out to our two female co-founders – Nicky Morgan and Sarah Mayoyou can read more about them here

We are always interested to hear from women who are in service to others in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

Please do get in touch if you would like to talk to POINT3 about working together.