Money Matters

Although money can never buy you happiness, it is a necessary part of life. A recent study by Every Day Health showed that more than half (52%) of people get stressed out about financial issues.  Being rich won’t bring you joy, but not having enough money can impact physical and mental health as well as your relationships. 

Of course, having plenty of food, shelter and money to buy hygiene products is absolutely essential. But beyond this, those luxury ‘extras’ might be less important than we think. For those of us that do have extra cash squirrelled away, research shows that the happiest people actually spend this on experiences with loved ones and building memories. 

Ultimately, what we value most dearly may not necessarily come with a price tag.

If you’re feeling strapped for cash, here are five ways to embrace what you have.

  1. Enjoy the gift of time. Those that earn the most might be working long hours with little rest time. If invested wisely with loved ones or personal development, time can be the greatest luxury there is.
  2. Whether it’s a new business or hobby, activities don’t have to be expensive to be fulfilling. 
  3. If you’re trying to save money, you may be surprised by how many clothes you have. Spend some time sewing back buttons, steaming shirts and you could end up with a whole ‘new ‘wardrobe. 
  4. There are plenty of fun, free activities on your doorstep that also have the added bonus of keeping your mind and body healthy. Walking, running and talking cost nothing!
  5. When you do spend money, make it count. Think of money like a “vote”. You are choosing who you are voting for every time you make a purchase. Ask yourself what the product or activity you’re buying stands for and whether it matches your core beliefs and values. 

The best things in life are free

As the song goes, the best things in life (really are) free. From smiles of your loved ones to birds singing and hearing laughter, we need to be present in the moment to appreciate these small things. It’s incredibly important to value each and every day and remember to count those riches that can’t be purchased with a credit card.

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