Meaningful Tech Connections

Creating a positive relationship with technology

Easy access to technology can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. In this modern, digital world we’re always contactable wherever we are, with different apps and people constantly vying for our attention. While it can help us to stay connected, it can also increase anxiety and reduce productivity. A recent study on smartphone addiction found that a whopping 60% of us feel too reliant on technology, with people spending an average of three and half hours a day on phones.

What are the signs of technology addiction?

If you find yourself getting regularly distracted by your phone while you’re spending time with friends or working, it might be time to be more mindful about how you’re using technology. Many of us feel stressed when we’re not able to access emails or social media or we panic because our phone battery starts dipping below 50%. Anna Kotwinski, co-founder of Shine Offline believes it’s important to break these habits to establish meaningful connections with technology. 

How can you improve your relationship with technology? 


Getting an alarm clock means that you can make your bedroom a technology free zone. It sounds like a small change but having an hour in the evening and an hour in the morning where you don’t look at your phone can really improve your sleep, your mental health and your relationships. 


If you have problems with work life balance and you use one smartphone, it might be worth getting a second one to create some boundaries for yourself. There are also some brilliant apps that can support people to find better digital balance, including OFFTIME and Forest. 


The majority of us live with our phones glued to our hands and we never switch them off. Create some space between you and your device by keeping it out of sight. Whatever you’re doing, it will help you be more present in the moment.  


As animals, we’re not designed to be in a 24/7 connected digital world. We are social creatures and we need quality, real life interactions and relationships. By getting out, meeting friends and joining new activities, we can build better connections and step away from our online lives. 

We have a whole mindset session on creating more intentional and meaningful connections with technology. If you are interested in hosting one of our mindset sessions within your organisation, you can find out more here.