The gap between someone or a team of people thriving in the workplace – reaching their full potential – can in many cases be closed through coaching.

Through our network of hand-picked coaches, POINT3 Wellbeing can support you with your organisation’s coaching needs – either through 121 coaching or group coaching depending on your objectives.

Rory, Supply Chain Lead, Avant Arte said: 

Working with POINT3 was a fantastic experience end-to-end. We noticed a measurable impact on employee engagement and performance over the course of the coaching programme. The sessions were delivered professionally, and most importantly, thoughtfully and we felt supported throughout the entire process.

121 Coaching

Perhaps you have a team or cohort of people you’re looking to support with their professional growth and development.

The type of people who might benefit might include – newly promoted managers or those who are struggling with self-confidence or change and disruption.

What is involved in the coaching process?

Across these sessions our coaches will support the individual(s) with a goal that they’re trying to achieve.

This could be a challenge or a limiting belief that they are currently struggling with or perhaps they feel they are not achieving their full potential in a certain area.

The coaches will use different techniques and questions to challenge the individual to think about what’s going on to prevent them achieving what they want to achieve and help guide them to explore a way forward and to take action.

This is an opportunity for people to raise self-awareness and importantly to take accountability for onward action.

We typically recommend a minimum of four sessions per individual, to allow the individual and their coach to delve deeper into an area/challenge to help them move forwards proactively and positively. Typically sessions take place fortnightly.

Group coaching

This is something we recommend after a group training programme, for example manager training.

3 months on, we recommend bringing your manager cohort(s) back together to a facilitated 2 hour group coaching session to further embed the learnings, share best practice scenarios and tackle real-time challenges – as they are occurring.

Managers will leave with a coaching technique they can use with their teams and peers going forward.

The objectives of this session is to:

  1. Create a safe environment for managers to discuss, explore and practice providing coaching support. They will have the chance to explore and share what’s gone well + not so well since the training.
  2. Group coaching exercise – using a real-life case study* to work through together as a group,  a POINT3 coach will lead the group through a coaching technique to help inspire positive onward action.
  3. Peer-to-peer coaching – using learnings from the group coaching, the cohort will break out into smaller groups to spend time working through individual existing challenges, at the same time learning a technique they can use to support themselves going forward.

Discover the power of coaching in the workplace.