Here are some of our favourite “I will” healthy habits to support your relationships (be it with your friend, partner, family member, colleague, pet etc.):

I will…

  • Spend 3 minutes identifying options to bring new, healthy relationships into my life (and action at least one a week!)
  • Create a 5 minute ritual with  ________ (e.g. drinking tea or walking) where we are committed to spending time with each other, alone, with no other distractions
  • Send a message to ________
  • Ask _________ an interesting question about themselves
  • Give ________ a cuddle
  • Tell _________ something I’ve noticed about them
  • Ask someone how I can help them today
  • Think of one thing I like / love about ________
  • Write _________ a special note
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know
  • Reconnect with _________
  • Take 2 minutes to do something supportive in my home environment (e.g. wipe down the kitchen surface)
  • Intentionally look into the eyes of ________ and smile
  • Surprise ________ (in a good way!)
  • Compliment ___________
  • Reach out to someone and tell them I appreciate them
  • Schedule time in the diary to spend with __________
  • Close my eyes for 1 minute and think about someone I love
  • Create a “I love/like/respect _______ ” list and add one thing a day that I love about them (who I may be in a difficult relationship with)

Remember, we’ve kept them purposely small. The key to forming a sustainable healthy habit is to get started and by keeping the habit as easy and as quick to do, you set yourself up for long-term success. The more you successfully maintain your habit, the easier it will become AND THEN, it will naturally build from there!