Here are some of our favourite “I will” healthy habits to support the wellbeing theme of ‘Play”:

I will…

  • Search for a new recipe
  • Listen to my favourite feel good song
  • “Dance it out” to one song
  • Watch a video clip that makes me laugh out loud
  • Put a piece of a puzzle in my jigsaw
  • Message a friend
  • Read min. 2 pages of “that book”
  • Spend 5 mins playing with my children / pets (without distraction)
  • Schedule time in my diary for “play” time
  • Set a photo as my screensaver that reminds me of a fun time
  • Doodle for 1 minute
  • Set an alarm and day dream for 3 minutes
  • Add one thing to my “play list” of songs, movies, books, podcasts
  • Look at a photo / video of my favourite people / pets
  • Take 5 minutes to do a crossword (etc)
  • Phone a friend
  • Spend 5 minutes on my hobby
  • Send a funny joke / meme to a friend
  • Listen to a podcast / audio book
  • Write down / appreciate 1 thing every day that felt like “play”

Remember, we’ve kept them purposely small. The key to forming a sustainable healthy habit is to get started and by keeping the habit as easy and as quick to do, you set yourself up for long-term success. The more you successfully maintain your habit, the easier it will become AND THEN, it will naturally build from there!