In our fast-paced world, we’re always looking for new ways to boost our productivity and performance. For many people, working flat out until we drop seems like the best solution. But in reality, the non-stop method is counter-productive and actually leads to less productivity.

Break + Move Regularly

Regular movement is essential for keeping the mind bright and active, with experts suggesting people get up every 52 minutes to maximise their performance. Whether it’s making a cup of tea or doing a plank, taking two minutes out is an essential part of your day. 

During the working day our minds are often set in a “beta” state of consciousness. Beta brain waves are associated with a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. When we take a break, our minds move into the “alpha” state of consciousness. Alpha brain waves are associated with ‘daydreaming’ – the brain is awake but relaxed and open to new ideas that may wander in. By allowing ourselves to shift between the two, we can find a happy medium for high performance.

There’s also a number of steps people can take to boost their productivity. A recent study of 7,000 people, which was published in the Harvard Business Review, shows there are six key skills that put people in the top 10%, all of which can be developed over time.

Six key skills:

  1. Set stretch goals – big projects and end goals help to keep us focused and inspired. The most productive people make stretch goals a habit.
  2. Show consistency – those who consistently deliver results day after week after month are shown to be more productive than those who procrastinate or pull all-nighters.
  3. Ask for help – The most productive people in the study asked for help when they didn’t have the required level of knowledge or skill set.
  4. Drive for results – super productive people love to cross something off the to do list ahead of schedule.
  5. Anticipate and solve problems – the most productive types will anticipate roadblocks ahead of time for ultimate efficiency.
  6. Be collaborative – the study shows the most productive people are also easy to work with and get the best out of others.

There’s so much focus on productivity and little on the importance of rest and just being. We cover this subject in our Focusing Time + Attention mindset training. You can find out more here.