12 Week Programme Pre-work

Hello and welcome to your Being More Mindful journey – it’s great to have you on board!

This programme will give you the time and permission to focus on you. Time for you to develop a greater awareness and understanding of your needs, interests and priorities in life. You will come away with practical tools to support you through challenging times.

Introduction Video

So that you get the most out of the first session, please watch this 3 minute introduction video explaining what you can do in advance of your first session with us.

Why Finder

As part of our programme you will be setting an individual wellbeing goal that you will work towards. Setting a meaningful goal takes time, self reflection and a deep rooted “why”. We therefore would like you to listen to the Why Finder guided visualisation to help you have a greater understanding of these things. 

This visualisation piece is aimed at providing you with the inspiration to set your wellbeing goal during our upcoming Being More Mindful session. Listen to this 7 minute audio recording and use it to help plant a seed which may then begin to flourish over the next few days.

In order to get the most out of the Why Finder we suggest:

  • You find a quiet space without any distractions
  • Find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down with your eyes open or closed
  • You bring an open mind when listening to the 7 minute Why Finder visualisation 

Visualisation is used by business leaders, sport professionals and even the military – to help them reach their goals and achieve optimal performance. So, if you’re new to this technique, we simply ask you to bring an open mind – safe in the knowledge that it can support a positive mindset, personal growth and success.

Listen to the Why Finder as many times as you would like ahead of the session to help inspire you towards setting a wellbeing goal that is really meaningful to you at this time.

Between now and the first session

At 8am on the morning of the session you will receive an email from POINT3 Wellbeing with:

  • Your 12 week wellbeing journal to download
  • Log-in details to the wellbeing portal of content

And now all that remains is to get set for the first session. Registration details will have been provided by your organisation in advance – please bring a pen and paper and your best intention to commit to a goal to work towards in the coming weeks. 

We look forward to seeing soon, any questions ahead of that then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on be_well@point3wellbeing.com.

Be well,

Siôn, Nicky and Sarah

If you are interested in signing your business up to the 12 week programme, you can find out more here.