Wellbeing Programmes

30 Day Building Healthy Habits programme

A 30-day programme focused on creating healthy habits – shining a spotlight on the areas of sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness to create balanced, energised and resilient people.

The programme incorporates a live, virtual 60 minute launch webinar, followed by 4 x weekly 45 minute live, virtual group coaching sessions. The programme is supported by a weekly e-shot of wellbeing content. Find out more here.

James Bell, Managing Director – Michael Bell Communications said:

It was brilliant… a perfectly planned course that brought my team together once a week to help us all gain a better appreciation on what we can all do to improve our wellbeing physically and emotionally ….. the 45 mins sessions were just right and the information bite-sized and well presented to be able to take away and implement into our daily routines. Well done – especially to Sarah again.

12 Week Being More Mindful programme

A 12 week journey that has been designed – with science at its core – to inject wellbeing into the heart of a business, in a way that is sustainable and will create lasting change.

The result – a workforce that is happier, healthier and more productive. Find out more here.

Ashton Ward, Managing Director – Eton Bridge Partners said:

In January 2020 we engaged with POINT3 to run an afternoon wellbeing session at Eton Rowing Lake in Dorney. It was the start of a 12 week wellbeing programme for all of our colleagues. It has made a real impact – not just a one off conversation about wellbeing, but POINT3 have helped us to have wellbeing front of mind in all that we do which is making a real difference to our lives. We look forward to continuing our relationship with POINT3. A special thank you to Nicky and Sion who feel like an extended part of our business.

8 Week Mindfulness course

Mindfulness Meditation is a proven stress-management tool with much research to demonstrate its impact on managing everyday stress, as well as improving other cognitive functions, such as focus, creativity, problem-solving, memory and understanding.

This 8 week course looks at how we can enrich our lives by the simple act of paying attention. It covers different mindfulness principles such as working with difficulty and exploring acceptance; creating strong foundations for people to take these principles and embed them into everyday life.

The course includes opportunity for practice and self reflection to ensure experiential learning, as well as group discussion to learn from others’ experiences and understanding. Find out more.

Susannah Homan, Account Director – Crescendo Brand Events said:

Since our very first session, POINT3 Wellbeing have continued to motivate and inspire us all to be our best selves. Working with POINT3 is a generously-supported work initiative but the skills and strategies apply to life. Their workshops symbiotically combine mindfulness and movement with topical, relevant wellbeing themes that are always well researched, brilliantly delivered and brimming with truly eye opening content. Ultimately, how do we stress less and perform best using tools to optimise performance. Themes are always backed by science (the science of flow, the science of tribes) and tasks that reinforce the message.

Short term and long term goal-setting also brings surprising initiatives to the table. Focusing on values, being guided on how to ‘own the day and the night’, moving more and being more mindful and therefore present in the day are all hugely beneficial techniques. The beauty is that these apply in the workplace and at home, and suddenly you find yourself ‘breathing’ at the traffic lights!

If you’re a company that’s looking to review your corporate wellbeing programme, and/or would like to host some interactive and immersive experiences for your employees, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you are interested in learning more about our Mental Health Awareness Training this page details more about how we support businesses when it comes to safeguarding employees from a mental health perspective.