We understand first-hand the pressure of working around the clock in a fast-paced corporate environment, and the struggles to find balance between work and life.  

We have created a range of products and services that help people gain awareness, balance and control in order to help them be their most productive, fulfilled and happiest selves.

The facts

There are frequent reports about the current mental health epidemic in the UK and beyond, and the long-term impact this is having on the health of people, communities and the economy.

The Thriving at Work Report, commissioned by the Government in 2017, estimates the cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole, is up to £99 billion per year. What’s more, every year an estimated 300,000 workers are leaving their jobs on account of a mental health related issue.

There is an urgent need to combat the mental health epidemic sweeping our country – not just for the sake of the economy – but more importantly, for the happiness and wellbeing of millions of people.

Business has a role to play

We are encouraged to see that business is now more focused on the wellbeing of their people than ever before. But with only 1 in 4 UK organisations (Government’s Thriving at Work report) having a formal policy and programme in place, there’s more to be done to promote a better way of living for people and a culture of positive health and wellbeing.

With statistics such as 12.5 million working days being lost a year due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression, the business environment needs to adapt to provide ways to help support individuals.

As a result of the work that we do at POINT3 Wellbeing, the people we meet and the people we were before we launched, we know that most of us don’t lead a sustainable lifestyle, and we underestimate the impact that this is having on our total health and wellbeing – mentally, physically and emotionally.

The majority of people we talk to tell us they need ideas and inspiration and tips and tricks for leading a happier and healthier lifestyle.

We know that by taking a few simple steps, from one day to another, people can see improvements to their overall health and wellbeing.

Prevention is better than cure

The Mental Health Foundation states “Prevention is at the heart of what we do, because the best way to deal with a crisis is to prevent it from happening in the first place”.

Our products and services aim to help people manage the everyday stresses of life by giving them awareness, knowledge and tools to manage and maintain their wellbeing; preventing “burnout” or loss of productivity, increased presenteeism and absenteeism, and generally disengaged employees, which is good for no-one.