Connect Cards

POINT3 presents… A Game of Connect Cards.

Connect Cards have been designed (as part of our Raise Your Human Game training) to help people build stronger relationships with others by learning more about each other’s experiences, hopes, dreams, beliefs and ideas.

If you’re looking to build a greater sense of connection and understanding with colleagues then Connect Cards are the perfect excuse to open up the conversation beyond just small talk.

The strongest relationships (in and out of work) are born out of curiosity and vulnerability.

We all have a different window on the world and by being curious we can understand better how and what we each think and feel and why.

We can do this simply by asking questions.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of trust, empathy, and love.

Simon Sinek

In return, we also need to be open to being vulnerable. That’s what builds the strongest relationships in and out of the workplace.

Connect Cards have been designed to help people connect and build stronger relationships with others by exploring thought-provoking questions and statements in 4 categories: The Past, The Present, The Future and The Hypothetical.


1. Set some ground rules ahead of playing. No-one should feel uncomfortable sharing something they don’t want to. You can always pass if you’d rather not respond to a question.

2. Shuffle the cards and then take it in turns to pull a card that the whole group responds to.

3. Play for as long as you would like!

4. Safeguarding is important to us. Approach the game with sensitivity knowing that discussing the past, present and the future may be joyful and thought-provoking for some but also potentially uncomfortable and/or painful for others.

Questions Include: 

  • One of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned so far is…
  • My first job was… and it taught me…
  • What’s one thing you’d like to still be doing in 5 years time?
  • How do you see yourself adapting to change/unforeseen circumstances in the future?
  • Something I’m currently doing to support my wellbeing day-to-day is…
  • One thing I wish you knew about me is…
  • If you had the ability to time travel, would you travel to the past or into the future and why?
  • If you could become an expert in any field or subject overnight, what would you choose to master?

Pack information – 56 x cards | 310gsm card | 63 x 88mm

We are currently taking Christmas pre-orders. Submit your pre-order below by end of Monday 27 November.

RRP £18 per pack (inc VAT) + postage. Minimum order of 10.

    Get together. Get curious. Get connecting.

    Connect Cards were designed as part of our new Raise Your Human Game Training… if you’d like to chat to us about facilitating a workshop with Connect Cards at your organisation, get in touch here.