Mental Health Manager Training Case Study

Making an impact with Willmott Dixon

We work with Willmott Dixon to create a positive and supportive culture by upskilling managers in mental health awareness and ways to support themselves and those they manage…

“Men in the UK are three times more likely than women to die by suicide, and in construction – a male dominated sector – men are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average for men.

Willmott Dixon approached POINT3 Wellbeing in late 2020 with a simple brief – they wanted their managers to be able to spot the signs of mental ill health, normalise the conversation and build resilience within their teams, increasing support and breaking down stigma in their organisation and industry.

Over 9 sessions – delivered in 2021 – we trained 84 of their managers in Mental Health Awareness Training.

  • 89.8% scored the training an 8 or above
  • 94.4% saying they felt more comfortable talking about mental health and
  • 97.3% said they felt better equipped to support those with mental health challenges

Laura Archer, Senior People Administrator, Willmott Dixon Interiors said:

The construction industry is known as being a challenging industry to work within and this certainly hasn’t eased through the pandemic. As a problem solving business we also wanted to provide our managers with the tools and training to connect, support and empathise with those they manage. We ran a pilot session in January 2021 for 12 of our managers, off the back of brilliant feedback we then rolled out the training across our department to all managers. Across the board we’ve seen positive feedback, our managers say that their confidence in supporting someone with mental ill health has increased, 91% of our managers rated the training an 8 or above and importantly, in an industry that does historically struggle to talk about mental health, 94% of managers said that as a result of the training they feel more comfortable talking about mental health. Off the back of this training other departments within the business have started investing in training with POINT3 Wellbeing.