Mental Health Awareness Case Study

Making an impact with Electrolux

In the summer of 2021 Electrolux approached POINT3 Wellbeing with a simple brief – to provide their people managers with greater knowledge and awareness of mental health so that they could better support themselves and those they manage.

We devised a hybrid programme of in-person and virtual training to train 90 managers across the country, with 90% rating the training a 4 or 5 out of 5 and 100% of the latest cohort rating the training 10 out of 10 for positive impact.

Electrolux is a great example of a leader-first approach to training – with all members of the SLT attending at least one training session showing clear commitment to the programme. 

To further support the mental health agenda within Electrolux, we trained 15 individuals from around the business as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) – with plans to train further individuals in 2022.

Luke Harding, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Electrolux said:

After a year of adjusting to a new ‘normal’ with the Covid-19 restrictions, we could see that we had a gap within the mental health and wellbeing space.We wanted to build a safe space and network for all employees to access the right support and discuss mental wellbeing as and when they needed to.It was vital for us to work with experts in this field that shared the same values that we hold as a company.Point3 was that company and have been amazing to work with. The passion, care, knowledge and commitment that they have shown has been incredible. They have tailored each of our sessions according to any particular needs we have had in the groups and the delivery of all the training sessions has been sensitive, considerate and safe.We have now delivered Mental Health Awareness training to all line managers across our UK teams, been able to introduce Mental Health First Aiders and most importantly altered our culture to be more inclusive and accepting of mental health and wellbeing.

Classroom testimonials

Despite getting emotional on several occasions (which I wasn’t expecting), I really enjoyed the training day and feel I learned a lot about not only how to better manage my team but how to also moderate and manage myself and family members.

It is great to have the company supporting this important topic and allowing us the time to learn with a specialist company.

Impactful training. I like the fact that there were 2 trainers, and I appreciated how the trainers created a safe space for us to talk.

I learnt lots of tools (e.g. stress container) and tips (e.g. how to approach a conversation with my team member) during this session.

The trainers were just great! Informative, patient and compassionate. Tackling some really difficult subjects with a calm presence.

The training provided a very good introduction and not only provided essential tools, made me think differently on a number of levels. The examples used were very thought provoking. Just today I’ve used the training for a close colleague’s family bereavement discussion. I think I would have left this for someone else to take on prior to my training.

It was very clear that these guys are at the top of their game. A big thank you to POINT3 & to Electrolux for bringing them to us.